Greene County Biographies
Greene County Biographies
This is an index for the combined biographies from several books, including Goodspeed's Pictoral and Genealogical Record of Greene County, as well as The History of Greene County and others. In many cases, there are multiple biographies for the same person, as they may have been included in several books. I have included the duplicates, as each bio may have something different. As a note for research, some of the county histories included biographies of "Prominent Citizens" which were little more than paid advertisements and flattering portraits of families. They are a great place to get info for your research, but you should keep in mind the "flattering" and not necessarily true details included. Good luck with your search! Abbott, Alfred S. Abbott, James Abbott, James Acuff, B.Y. Acuff, Jeremiah Adams, Prof. C. D. Ahern, Capt. Henry Akin, Col. C. C. Akin, Col. C. C. Albert, Jake Albright, Dr. William Elijah Alexander, James Allebach, Newton V. Allen, John D. Allen, Perry T. Altschul, Isaac Anderson, George E. Anderson, George E. Anderson, Henry S. Anderson, Joseph G. Anderson, Peter L. Anderson, W.B. Andrew, Paul E. Anthony, George Washington Anthony, James Appleby, James N. Armstrong, Frederick W. Armstrong, Tom W. Arnett, R. L. Arnold, A. L. Arrington, Marcus Atherton, Dr. J. Leroy Atherton, Dr. Mary Jean McLaggan Atkinson, J. S. Atkinson, J. S. Atteberry, James O. Atwood, George Albert Aumoth, Joseph George Ausherman, Martin Austin, Lemuel B. Austin, Lemuel B. Bacon, Rev. John T. Bacon, W. S. Bailey, Thomas Jefferson Bair, James Bair, James Baker, James Baker, Judge James Baker, James M. Baker, S. A. Balay, Gideon P. Baldwin, Hugh L. Banfield, Lewis F. Banister, Theodore Bank of Ash Grove Barclay, F.A. Barnes, George W. Barnes, R.F. Barrett, B. A. Barrett, Dr. Beverly A. Barrett, John Barrett, Robert Franklin Barron, Willard Major Barton, James Harvey Bass, Sampson Bassett, Louis N. Bates, Percy J. Baxter, Hendry Baxter, Rev. Kirk Baxter, Kirk Beal, Dr. Edward L. Beal, Edward L. Beal, George T. Beal, Capt. George T. Bearden, Bently O. Beatie, Major John W. F. Beckerleg, James Beckerleg, John Beer, Edward Bell, James R. Bennett, Charles Bennett, Charles M. Bennett, H. S. Bennett, Lyman G. Bennett, William M. Benson, John S. Benson, Richard H. Bentley, J. F. G. Benton, Thomas Hart Benton, Hon. Thomas Hart Berry, Gustavus F. Berry, Henry S.D. Berry, James A. Berry, James Blaine Betson, Nathaniel Beyer, Frank A. Biggs, Allen J. Biggs, George J. Biggs, George J. Biggs, L. A. Billasch, William C. Bishop, Franklin T. Bishop, James Wilson Bissett, James Blackman, William Wallace Blackwell, Peter Blackwell, Sylvester Blades, Ransom D. Sr. Blair, Hon. Francis Preston Blanchard, Green Irwin Blanchard, John A. Bland, Richard P. Bland, Hon. Richard P. Bobbitt, Frank C. Bodenhamer, Andrew J. Bodenhamer, Andrew Jackson Bodenhamer, Emsley L. Bodenhamer, Jacob E. Bodenhamer, Louis F. Boehmer, Charles D. Bomgardner, George Irvin Bon, Ira Carl Boone, B. Howard Booth, Waldo Cornwell Bossert, John D. Boston, Thomas Y. Bowden, William E. Bowerman, Milton Bowland, Robert A. Bowman, Benjamin Boyd, John R. Boyd, Col. S. H. Boyd, Sempronius H. Boyer, Ray C. Bradley, Thomas H. Brazill, James B. Brewer, Benjamin R. Briggs, Cecil Alvin Bright & Salts Britain, George W. Britain, M.F. Brockman, Isaac N. Brower, Madison Andrew Brown, Addison Brown, Frank E. Brown, Harry F. Brown, Dr. J. A. Brown, J.H. Brown, James M. Brown, John J. Brown, Joseph Brown, Thomas Toliver Brown, Dr. William McF. Brown, Dr. William McFarland Bryant, Arthur W. Buck, Joseph Buckley, Calvin V. Burge, George W. Busch, Charles R. Butler, Nelson Garrett Butler, Stephen E. Buttram, Abram Butts, James M. Calland, Rev. W. C. Camp, Dr. Walter A. Camp, Warren Nelson Camp, William P. Camp, William Parish Campbell, E.M. Campbell, Irvin H. Campbell, John E. Campbell, John J. Campbell, John Polk Cantrell, James Thompson Carroll, Frank P. Carson, John L. Carter, Charles W. Carter, Rolla Carter, William C. Cass, Dudley Cass, Lewis S. Chaffin, John C. Chalfant, Ephraim Chandler, W.T. Chandler, W. T. Chappell, Lewis E. Chavose, Charles C. Childress, James Garfield Chrisman, John Maloney Christman, Matthias Clark, Clarence M. Clark, Frank Clark, James William Clark, Jasper N. Clark, Robert A. Claypool, John Claypool, Luther M. Clayton, John F. Clements, Dr. C. C. Clements, Christopher Columbus Clements, Oscar S. Cliborne, William Cloud, Calvin M. Cloud, Daniel E. Cloud, William B. Clyde, Dr. J. M. Cockrell, Hon. Francis Marion Coffelt, Theodore A. Coffey, James P. Cole, Stephen Henry Coleman, James Coltrane, Thomas W. Coltrane, Dr. Thomas W. Colvin, Hugh P. Comegys, William Condon, George W. Conlon, Thomas Conn, David Constance, Walter Coon, Walter A. Cooper, George Cooper, Harry Cooper, Samuel R. Coover, William W. Cordray, M.D. Cornell, William C. Corum, Rev. Carson F. Counts, Benjamin B. Cowan, John Maxwell Cowden, A. S. Cowden, James S. Cowden, Dr. William H. Cowden, William H. Cowell, John Cox, John Russell Cox, Dr. Lee Crane, Dr. Thomas V. B. Crane, Warren C. Cravens, Col. J. C. Cravens, Jeremiah C. Crawford, A. B. Crawford, Charles W. Crawford, William J. Crenshaw, Louis Allen Dicken Crenshaw, Thomas T. Criswell, Theodore F. Crittenden, Hon. Thomas T. Crow, Henry C. Crow, J. W. Crowdus, Charles Crutcher, John F. Crutcher, Leonidas C. Crutcher, Luke F. Culbertson, J.P. Culbertson, Thomas N. Culler, George W. Cunningham, Martin J. Dabbs, Thomas Ellis Dabbs, William P. Dade, Dabney Cosby Daggett, William A. Daigler, George Dale, Harris K. Dalrymple, Charles L. Dando, Charles E. Danforth, John W. Danforth, Josiah F. Daniel, William R. Danzero, Domino Darby, Robert Ezra Dark, Melville E. Davis & Straley Davis, Daniel E. Davis, Edward C. Davis, Emil O. Davis, William H. Dawley, Caleb W. Day, George Sale Deaton, John W. DeBoard, Elisha Deeds, James C. DeGroff, Moses Robnett Delaney, Thomas J. Delaney, Thomas J. DeLange, William Delo, George W. Delzell, William A. Demuth, Capt. Albert Denby, William A. Dennis, Benjamin Franklin Dennis, John E. Dennis, William Alfred Devereaux, James Dewey, James Edwin DeWitt, Edward J. Diffenderffer, David Michael Diggins, Hiram W. Dillard, Benjamin W. Dillard, George A. Dillard, George A. Dillard, George E. Dillard, William Smith Dingeldein, Edward P. Dingeldein, S. Dingeldein, Sebastian Dishman, J.M. Dishman, Samuel Dobbs, Rev. J. Hervey Dobson, A.B. Dodson, J. C. Dodson, Thomas R. Donham, W. W. Donnell, F.M. Donnell, F.M. Donnell, F. M. Donnell, Francis Marion Donnell, John M. Donovan, Dr. William F. Doran, Thomas H. Dorrell, Dr. Green B. Douglass, Gaylard Dozier, Duerrett White Draper, Charles Draper, Joseph Newberry Dritt, John R. Drury, Charles J. Dryden, Joseph A. Dryden, Philander E. Dulin, James E. Duncan, Andrew B. Duncan, H.S. Duncan, J.K.P. Duncan, James H. Duncan, James H. Duncan, John H. Duncan, Thomas J. Dunklin, Daniel Durst, Harry D. Eads, James B. Eagleburger, Joseph S. Earnest, C. W. Earnest, James Howard East, Howard Bentley Eaton, Henry Eckstein, Rev. Father Maurus Eckstorm, Gustave Edmonson, Walton Eugene Edmundson, Thomas E. Edwards, James P. Egan, John Eisenmayer, Andrew Jackson Elson, Edwin Wiggins Elson, W.P. Elson, William P. Elson, William Penn Elwood, Daniel H. Emerson, Walter P. Emery, Alonzo W. Emery, Edgar T. Emery, George D. Ennis, Edgar E. Epley, S.H. Epperson, Thomas J. Ernst, Louis P. Escott, George Smith Eslinger, Samuel L. Evans, E. L. Evans, James Evans, Dr. James Evans, Owen M. Everett, Richard Edward Eversol, Arthur H. Eversol, Cyrus M. Ezell, B.F. Fain, Rev. Thomas D. Fairbanks, Jonathan Fairbanks, Jonathan Fairbanks, Jonathan Fallin, Wilbur M. Farmer's Bank of Ash Grove Farmer, Edward Farmer, Oscar Franklin Farmer, Samuel A. Farmer, William Clinton Fath, L. G. Fawcett, Leonard Fay, Benjamin A. Fay, Edwin L. Fay, Edwin L. Fellows, Homer F. Fellows, Homer F. Fellows, Col. Homer F. Fellows, Col. Homer F. Fellows, Norris Fellows, Norris W. Fenton, Jeremiah Ferguson, Ernest N. Ferguson, G. W. Ferguson, George W. Ferguson, John R. Fielder, Benjamin F. Fielder, Benjamin Franklin Finch, Edward Swayzee Finch, Harry H. Fine, Alphonsus F. Fine, Felix F. Fink, Richard M. Finley, Elder Newton Finney, Frank L. Fitch, James W. Fletcher, Hezekiah Fogarty, Thomas Foley, William E. Forshee, John W. Foster, H.M. Foster, Jesse J. Jr. Fowler, J. W. Frame, Homer Glenn Frame, Marion A. Frazier, Franklin T. Frazier, William J. Freeman Family Freeman, William T.L. French, John Frey, Frank A. Fricke, George Washington Frink, James A. Fry, William A. Fryar, Robert A. Fulbright, Charles R. Fulbright, William Henry Fullbright, John Y. Furrow, Calvin Gallagher, Francis A. Galloway, Charles Galloway, Jesse E. Gann, J. W. Gardner, James Coleman Gardner, John L. Gardner, William C. Garoutte, William B. Garoutte, Warren W. Garton, Jacob Garton, Jacob Warren Garton, John H. Garwood, William S. Gates Hardware Company Gates, Daniel B. Gault & Dodson Gault, Mark Gear, James M. Gear, James M. Geiger, Washington F. Geister, William George, C. M. Gibson, John J.A. Gideon, James J. Gideon, Judge James J. Gideon, Thomas J. Gideon, Thomas J. Gideon, Thomas J. Gideon, Waldo G. Gifford, Dr. Anson Harvey Gilmore, James Kennon Glass, Albert Martin Glass, John Baker Glassmoyer, Howard Strunk Glover, Thomas D. Goode, R. L. Goodwin, Oliver Smith Gorman, Daniel C. Gorsuch, William R. Gosney, Napoleon Gott, Benjamin J. Gott, John S. Gott, Joseph Gott, Richard S. Gott, William H. Gottfried, Conrad Granade, John A. Grant, William W. Grantham, James G. Gray, Daniel Gray, Elijah Gray, James H. Gray, James K. Gray, Josiah Jefferson Gray, Dr. Thomas J. Green, George Greenwade, John T. Greenwade, John T. Grier, Azzo B. Grier, Samuel S. Griffin, John P. Grist, Benjamin Groblebe, Charles I. Grubel, Frank Gubler, Jacob Gurley, Thomas M. Gustin, Walter P. Hackney, G. Wilson Haden, Charles A. Haeberle, Dr. D. B. Haldeman, R. P. Hall, Henry R. Hall, Isaac M. Hall, John M. Hall, Joseph W. Hall, William A. Hall, William Alexander Halstead, Capt. John Hamblen, Abner Hammond, Clyde L. Hampton, J. B. Hankins, William Taylor Hannah, Ezra Fount Hansell, Jefferson E. Hansell, William M. Hanson, Albert N. Hanson, Richard Henry Hardy, Mr. W. L. Harman, William Roby Harralson, James Harrington, Col. A. Harrison, John B. Hart, Andrew Thomas Hart, Roswell K. Hartley, Jesse Hartt, John W. Haseltine, S.I. Hasler, Thomas L. Hasler, Thomas L. Hasten, John H. Haswell, Alansom M. Haswell, Alanson Mason Hasten, Isaac N. Haun, George N. Haun, Walter Hawkins, Kirk Hawkins, Thomas J. Hawkins, William P. Hayden, C. A. Hayden, John Clement Haydon, William Jackson Haynes, Ernest D. Hayward, Hubert H. Hazeltine, S. I. Heacker, Francis A. Headlee, Samuel W. Headlee, Samuel W. Headley, Frank E. Headley, Frank E. Heckart, Henry M. Heckart, Henry M. Heckenlively, James L. Hedges, James Harrison Heer, Charles H. Heer, Charles H. Hefferman, William H. Heffernan, F. S. Heffernan, Frances S. Hegarty, John Henderson, Walter H. Hendrickson, George W. Hendrix, Eli E. Henshaw, John E. Henshey, David C. Herman, Dan H. Herman, Daniel H. Herrick, Samuel Hiatt, Reuben J. Hibler, Elihu Hickman, Isaac M. Higgins, H. Lot Hilderbrand, James N. Hill, Henry B. Hinerman, J. H. Hobart, B.F. Hobbs, John J. Holden, Harry Clyde Holder, Thomas B. Holland Dairy Farm Holland, General Colley B. Holland, Lee Holland, T. Blondville Hollister, H. A. Holman, David S. Homan, Jesse Hood, James D. Hooper, Samuel A. Hoover, John W. Horine, S. H. Hornbeak, William C. Horning, Peter Hosey, Judge James M. Hosey, James N. Hosman, Alfred House, Merton Cleanthus Houston, Jerome A. Houston, S. M. Hovey, E. Howard, Harvey W. Howell, Edward Howell, Humphrey E. Howell, William Hoyal, Jesse L. Hoyal, Melvin S. Hubbard, W. D. Hubbard, Walter D. Hubbell, Lucius W. Hubble, John P. Hudgings, J.H. Hudnall, John Randolph Hulse, John Hummel, Lynn Huntington, Benjamin F. Hurd, Rev. Fayette Huston, George M. Huwyler, Rev. Father Joachin Hyde, John Ingler, Hugh B. Ingram, Archibald F. Ingram, Sidney N. Jackson, George W. Jackson, John S. C. Jackson, Stephen James Family James, Jason R. James, William C. Jaquith, Jesse D. Jared, Flemin T. Jarrett, John D. Jenkin, Robert Jenkins, Irwin W. Jenkins, Robert Jennings, William Thomas Jessup, Thomas F. Jewell, Harry Sanford Johns, Robert T. Johnson, Benjamin R. Johnson, John Hunt Johnson, L.D. Johnson, Lewis D. Johnson Sanitarium Johnson, Silas M. Johnson, William D. Johnson, Capt. William S. Johnston, A. J. Johnston, James B. Johnston, Michael Jones, Fidelio Sharp Johnston, Michael Jones, Capt. George Martin Jones, George M. Jones, Henry B. Jones, John Jones, John H. Jones, Joshua L. Jones, McLain Julian, Capt. Alfred M. Julian, Isaac Julian, Stephen H. Jump, John W. Kanada, A.J. Kanning, Charles F. Kanning, Henry Kaufholtz, Herman H. Kauffman, Stanley K. Kearney, Michael Keener, Martin Keet, Josiah T. Keller, W. Robert Kelley, Jesse Marion Kelly, I.J. Kelly, John Kemmling, Ernst Kennedy, Daniel C. Kennedy, Daniel Curran Kennedy, Henry F. Kennedy, Lee Casper Kent, James Kerr, A.F. Kerr, Andrew B. Kerr, Charles Walter Kerr, Ulysses F. Kersey, Thomas W. Kersey, Thomas W. Kershner, Capt. William H. Killingsworth, William A. Kime, Dennis King, Charles Louis King, Dr. Thomas Montgomery King, W. H. Kinney, Thomas M. Kinser, John Kirby, Guy D. Kirby, James M. Kirkey, William L. Kirkham, Moses A. Kirkpatrick, Robert A. Kissick, Robert Frank Kite, Robert B. Klingensmith, Peter Klingner, John Wesley Klingner, Thomas Otis Knabb, Enoch Knelle, George Knighten, Ammon Knowles, John Thomas Knox, Alexander Koenigsbruck, August Kohler, Edward F. Kroff, Charles Kucker, L. S. LaBounty, Charles F. Lacy, Rufus H. Lafollette, Ransom S. Laker, Frederic W. Lamb, William Lambeth, Jennings W. Lane, John M. Langsford, John Langston, B.H. Langston, Jackson P. C. Langston, Joseph W. Langston, W.W. Larew, James Lee, Bert S. Leedy, Joseph W. Leeper, George Lehr, John Henry Leslie, Clay L. Levy-Wolf Dry Goods Company Likins, Charles H. Likins Milling Company Lincoln, Azariah William Linney, William Burts Lisenby, John W. Lloyd, Charles Lee Lloyd, Samuel Mack Lohmeyer, August Long, Rev. George Longcrier, Jacob Loretto Academy Love, Addison Love, Robert Love, Robert B. Love, Thomas B. Love, Col. Thomas Calvin Lowdermilk, Alfred A. Lowe, H. A. Luper, James E. Lydon, James Lydon, John Lyman, Asa Lyman, William D. MacElveny, Andrew W. Mack, Clarence S. Mack, Clyde B. Mack, John W.D.L.F. Mack, Rowan E. M. Mack, W. L. Macloskey, Joseph F. Maddox, Elisha B. Magill, James G. Major, Will J. Malley, John P. Mannel, Charles Mansfield, Walter W. Mansur, Hon. Charles Harley Marsh, John R. Martin, Harry E. Martin, Joseph Martin, M.F. Martin, Samuel G. Marx, Jake Mason, James H. Mason, John Franklin Mason, William Wesley Massey, Benjamin N. Massey, Frank R. Massey, Richard Massey, William Maxwell, William M. McAdams, William McAdams, William H. McAdoo, Joseph McAfee, Judge Charles B. McBride, Dr. Edward H. McCabe, John McCammon, J. P. McCammon, John P. McCammon, John P. McCarty, James McCarty, Luther Quinter McCauley, George E. McCleary, William McClernon, Hugh McCluer, James H. McCluer, Rev. M.L. McClure, Henry McClurg, J.W. McClurg, Hon. J. W. McCollah, James W. McCollum, George A. McConnell, John Aaron McConnell, Milton C. McCracken, Albert G. McCraw, Gabriel McCraw, J.L. Jr. McCraw, John L. Sr. McCrory, James McCroskey, Charles W. McCullah, Fleming McCutcheon Brothers McDaniel, John W. McDaniel, William McDaniel, William Jasper McDavid, F. M. McDonald, Alexander McElhany, George Lafayette McElhany, Robert J. McElhanon, James B. McGinty, William H. A. McGown, Alfred M. McGuire, Guy H. McHaffie, Charles H. McIlvin, James S. McIntire, Cyrus Byinton McJimsey, Elmer E. E. McKee, Roy McKenna, Peter McKerall, William McKerall, William McKibben, James T. McKibben, Nancy M. McKoin, John C. McKoin, John C. McLean, Thomas B. McLemore, A.J. McLinn, Albert Sidney McMaster, Cyrus J. McMaster, Cyrus J. McMaster, Walter Weir McMehen, James McMehen, John A. McMehen, William A. McMillan, Otto D. McMurty, James Gilmer McNabb, John T. McNeill, E. B. McPherson, Alexander W. McPherson, Henry W. McPherson, Walter F. McQuiston, Brandt Means, James T. Melcher, Samuel Henry Mellette, J. E. Mellon, Henry G. Mercer, Carver O. Merritt, Harry P. Merritt, Washington Meyer and Sons Milling Company Meyer, B. E. Miller, Ethan Miller, M.R. Miller, William S. Mills, Andrew Duryea Milner, James R. Milner, James R. Ming, Emmett McDonald Minto, Robert Mitchell, Harry H. Mitchell, Obadiah Clark Moist, Mathias G. Monaghan, John Moomaw, H. M. Moon, James A. Mooney, Miss Anna M. Moore, Anderson T. Moore, George W. Moore, John H. Moore, Joseph R. Moore, Robert A. Moore, Samuel Morckel, Charles Wesley Morgan, Harry Carrigan Morhiser, Philip C. Morice, Leon Morice, Leon Morrow, D. E. Morrow, David E. Morton, Joseph T. Morton, William M. Moser, John A. Mount, Amos G. Mullings, Hon. Hosea Murphy, John H. Murphy, Lawrence J. Murphy, Michael J. Murphy, William C. Murray, A.H. Murray, Daniel Murray, Harvey Murray, J.J. Murray, John K. Murray, Lilburn H. Murray, Lilburn H. Murray, Thomas Murray, Thomas Murray, Thomas J. Murray, Thomas J. Murray, W.H. Murray, William Murray, William Penn Musick, William L. Neaves, Abel J. Nee, Daniel Martin Neiswanger, Charles S. Nelson, John W. Nelson, Marion A. Newbill, John Glenn Newbill, John Glenn Newbill, John Glenn Newbill, Tyree Glenn Newton, Edward F. Newton, Job Newton, Job Newton, Lewis A. Nichols, A. D. Nichols, Danton H. Nichols, Capt. Danton H. Nichols, George William Niederhuth, George Wesley Noe, William H. Noland, Dr. George L. Noleman, Walter A. Norbury, Bradford Norfleet, William S. Norris, A.J. Nutt, Aaron O'Bryant, George W. O'Bryant, James H. O'Byrne, James O'Day, Hon. Edward C. O'Day, John O'Day, John O'Day, John Odell, Samuel Odermatt, Rev. Father Basil Olendorf, George F. O'Neal, Andrew J. O'Neal, George W. O'Neal, William B. Onstott, John H. Ormsbee, James L. Orr, William J. Ott, Theodore Owen, Capt. C. B. Owen, Charles Baker Owen, Charles J. Owen, J.S. Owen, John S. Owen, Joseph Lewis Owen, Mrs. Rush Owen, Stephen A. D. Owens, Jerry W. Owens, Rush Page, Judge Alfred Paine, John H. Painter, Jacob Palmer, William Park, William H. Parker, Rodolphus G. Parker, W.D. Parrish, Horace Monroe Parse, E. D. Patterson, George Washington Patterson, John A. Patterson, John A. Patterson, William P. Paxson, Ely Paxson, Ely Paxson, Ely Peacher, James W. Peacher, James W. Peak, Oscar L. Pepperdine, George Perkins, Leonard B. Perkins, Leonard B. Perkins, Judge William H. Perryman, John G. Peterson, Harvey E. Pettitt, J.G. Phelps, John E. Phelps, John S. Phelps, Hon. John S. Phelps, Gov. John S. Phelps, Mary Phillips, Columbus Phillips, Lorenzo Pickering, Charles B. Pickering, Clayton R. Pierce, Charles E. Pierce, Charles E. Pigg, Herbert W. Pike, Columbus Jefferson Piper, George S. Piper, L.T. Piper, Peter Piper, Samuel Pipkin, Lewis F. Plank, John W. Pollack, Calvin Pollack, Joseph Porter, Felix R. Porter, Henry Webb Porter, William G. Potter, Ambrose Potter, James Elmer Potter, John Potter, Nicholas Potter, W. C. Potter, Williamson Henry Franklin Powell, William P. Prentiss, Gen. B. M. Preston, L. W. Price, Benjamin B. Price, George Price, Isaac Price, Isaac Price, John H. Price, Gen. Sterling Price, Thomas W. Price, William C. Prigmore, William T. Prophet, Pleasant T. Proserpi, Henry Prugger, August F. Prunty, Robert Coats Pursselley, John Pursselley, Walter L. Putnam, Rev. Douglas P. Putman, Mansel Queen City Milling Company Quicksell, Thomas E. Quinn, James Quisenberry, Elkanah Race, Edward Forrest Ragsdale, Howard Ramsey, James A. Ramsey, Robert L. Rand, Henry T. Rathbone, B. F. Rathbone, Thomas Rathbone, William H. Rathbun, Col. George Solon Rauch, Fred William Raum, Egmont Rawdon, Richard F. Raymond, George E. Rea, James H. Rebori, Louis Lazzaro Redfearn, Jesse O. Redfearn, Jesse O. Redfearn, Josiah F. Reed, George F. Reed, Samuel A. Reilly, James Reilly, James W. Renshaw, Moses M. Reynolds, John Rhodes, C. L. Rhodes, Clarence J. Rhodes, Eugene Joseph Rhodes, Eugene J. Jr. Rice, B.C. Rice, W.D. Ricketts, Lemuel C. Riggs, William S. Risser, Omer E. Ritter, Aaron M. Ritter, David M. Ritter, David M. Ritter, David Miller Robberson, Dr. Edwin T. Robberson, Walter Bennett Roberts, Edward A. Roberts, Prof. John R. Robertson, Benjamin J. Robertson, Charles L. Robertson, William J. Robinson, David H. Robinson, Edwin D. Robinson, Henry D. Robinson, John B. Rogers, Charles Warrington Roper, William Fry Rosback, John Rose, John W. Rose, Reuben R. Ross, Bennette J. Ross, David Edward Ross, J. B. Ross, Lafayette A. Ross, Leonidas Clark Rothschild, Jake Roudebush, Marshall Roundtree, Capt. Lewis Roundtree, Marzavan J. Rountree, Bentley J. Rountree, Joseph Rountree, M.J. Rountree, Newton M. Rountree, William Jones Rountree, Zenas Marion Routt Brothers Ruby, Henry C. Ruffin, J. B. Rule, Charles W. Rule, J. Chris Rullkoetter, William Ruprecht, George C. Russell, Columbus Berry Russell, John G. Russell, John G. St. de Chantal Academy of the Visitation Salts & Bright Sanders, Emiel Sanford, William Buchanan Sartain, James S. Savage, Daniel Boone Saye, Richard F. Sayers, Dr. R. A. Scharff, M. & Bro. Scharff, Max Scharff, Max & Theodore Schmook, John Schmook, John Schofield, Albert L. Schofield, Thomas Schreiber, William H. Schuller, Valentine Schultz, W.M. Schurz, Hon. Carl Scott, Andrew J. Scott, Samuel Sebree, G. M. Self, William Riley Shackelford, John H. Sheedy, Mike Shelton, W. B. Shepard, Edward M. Shepard, Prof. Edward Martin Shepard, Dr. Edward Martin Shepard, Harriett Elma (Ohlen) Sheppard, Henry Sherman, David Ulysses Sherwood, T.A. Shipman, Frank A. Shockley, Dewitt Shockley, Capt. Francis M. Short, John A. Shumaker, George M. Sibley, Frank M. Sidman, Wesley C. Sidman, Rev. William D. Simcox, Hugh M. Simcox, Hugh M. Simmons, Philip T. Sims, Leonard M. Sisk, John M. Sittler, George W. Sjoberg, John Skelley, William Wesley Skelton, Joel M. Small, George W. Smith, Benjamin Smith, George Smith, Harrison Milton Smith, Isaac Newton Smith, J.W. Smith, James E. Smith, James H. Smith, James M. Smith, Jared E. Smith, John Randolph Smith, John T. Smith, Julian D. Smith, Mitchell C. Smith, Onas Smith, William F. Smith, William M. Smith, William N. Smith, William Y. Snider, Otis Everett Snow, Hollet H. Snyder, Alexander Sommers, Victor Southworth, Marvin H. Spandri, John Speaker, Ernst Spencer, Edward A. Spencer, George W. Spencer, James D. Spencer, James D. Spencer, James W. Sprague, Henry C. Springfield Planing Mill & Lumber Co. Sprinkle, H.C. Squibb, Elmer D. Squibb, James Squibb, James Caleb Stafford, S. R. Stahl Brothers Staley, Weldon E. Staley, Weldon E. Stancill, Godfrey C. Steele, John P. Steinert, John A. Stephens, William M. Steury, Rudolph Stevenson, Douglas Stewart, John W. Stewart, William Ray Stone, Murray C. Stone, Richard C. Stones, George Stoughton, James A. Stoughton, James A. Stringer, James E. Studley, Joseph Stutzman, Frank P. Sutter, Lewis Swinney, Andrew C. Swinney, R. H. Swinney's Banking Company Tatlow, W. D. Tatum, John N. Tatum, Lewis F. Tegarden, Benjamin F. Terry, Norman Fullinwider Tevis, Augustus H. Thies, John Thomas, George W. Thomas, Jacob Thomas, James B. Thompson, Abner D. Thompson, Edward Thompson, Jacob R.D. Thompson, James M. Thompson, William E. Thompson, William L. Thompson, Winfield Scott Thoms, John T. Thoms, William A. Thrasher, C. W. Thurman, George W. Tillman, Joseph A. M. Tisdell, John E. Townsend, W.M.A. Tracy, Isaac T. Tracy, S. Spencer Travers, Oliver Homer Travers, Oliver Homer Trenary, Alvin B. Trevitt, Claudius Elsberry Tribble, George W. Triece, George Trogdon, John Parker Trogdon, William C. Tucker, Edward Garner Tucker - Ferguson Warehouse & Transfer Company Turk, Joseph Henry Turner, Granville W. Turner, Granville W. Turner, John Turner, William Lafayette Tutt, David Tutt, Lewis Tuttle, Seth Underhill, John F. Underwood, Flavius Josephus Underwood, John J. Utter, J.F. Van Bibber, Alfred H. Van Bibber, James D. Van Bibber, James D. Van Bibber, James D. Vaughan, James R. Vaughan, Judge James R. Vaughan, Judge James R. Vaughan, P.F. Vaughan, William H. Vaughn, W.H. Vest, Hon. G. G. Vestal, Charles William Vinton, Madison Campbell Vinton, S.S. Jr. Waddell, James S. Waddell, R.S. Wade, Thomas W. Wade, William H. Wadlow, Charles E. Wadlow, Elmer G. Wadlow, William C. Wadlow, Dr. William C. Walker, James Thompson Walker, Leonard Walker, Ralph Walker, Robert H. Wallace, Judge W. I. Wallis, John A. Walsh, James T. Ward, Joseph Ward, William Henry Warner, H.S. Warner, Major William Washburn, Mason Claude Watson, Gilbert Russell Watson, James Watson, Lorenzo T. Watson, Lorenzo Tipton Watson, William R. Watterson, F.E. Watts, Dr. D. S. Watts, Granville H. Watts, Henry Watts, Henry T. Watts, James W. Watts, Thomas J. Wear, Sam M. Weaver, Edward L. Weaver, Edward L. Weaver, Mrs. Jane E. Weaver, Mrs. M. G. Weaver, Major William Marion Weir, Albert T. Wentworth, John R. West, Edward West, H.H. West, James T. Westmoreland, Hiram H. Whalen, Richard F. Jr. Whaley, William W. Whinrey, Lewis B. White, Harvey A. White, J. A. White, Jacob White, Jesse Frank White, William Whitlock, Arthur Lafayette Whitlock, Williamson Porter Wilder, Frederick Charles Wiley, George J. Wiley, George Parker Wiley, John D.L. Wilhoit, James M. Wilhoit, Sidney Edwin Wilkerson, James M. Williams, Elwood Alamando Williams, Frank Boyden Williams, J.N. Williams, John T. Williams, John W. Williams, Nandy C. Williams, William J. Williamson, John P. Willier, Thomas E. Wilson, Alfred H. Wilson, John H. Wilson, Joseph B. Wilson, Thomas S. Wingo, Irvin W. Winters, George F. Wolf, Martin Van Buren Wood, Albert Wood, James G. Wood, James G. Wood, James G. Wood, John Wood, John M. Wood, John M. Woods, Samuel Woodson, James A. Woodward, Jacob Woodward, Ransom Benton Woodward, W.W. Wooldridge, Edward Wayne Worrell, William H. Wright, Rev. Calvin C. Wright, Charles F. Wright, Marion D. Wright, T.J. Wright, T. J. Wrightsman, Timothy J. Wygal, Frank Yancy, E. L. Yeakley, George Yeakley, Henry Yeakley, Thomas Yeakley, Thomas Young, Henry C. Young, Walter B. Youngblood, James P. Zink, Josiah
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