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I took this picture at the cemetery we are restoring.
It looks like a woman with blonde hair, wearing a
blue dress.  She is either sitting or kneeling beside a
grave.  Perhaps mourning the loss of a loved one.

Some Ghosts that have been kind enough to show themselves

I took these pictures at a house at a local battlefield that was used 
as a hospital.  I was trying to take a picture through the window of 
the room. There were no pictures in the room and only a door where the 
soldiers face is.

I was looking at the full size picture of the soldier in the above
picture and spotted this little girl down in the left hand corner.

This is the fullsize picture with both the soldier and
the little girl in it.

These pictures were taken at the same battlefield a couple of months ago.
He is my first soldier.

It almost looks like there is another soldier facing him there on 
the left.
                               Here he has moved


My little adopted ghost who guards this site