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Ghosthunting Guidelines
1. Never consume alcohol or any controlled substances before or during a ghosthunt. 2. No smoking. The possibility of smoke being photographed and mistaken for ectoplasm is extremely high. 3. Always get permission before going on private property at any time or into a cemetery after dark. Trespassing fines are quite costly. 4. Always consider all possible explanations, scientific or paranormal. 5. Always keep an open mind. Ghosts are drawn to those who believe in them and acknowledge their presence. 6. Try to do background research on the area you plan to investigate. Knowing the history of the area may give you extra insight on specific area's to focus on. 7. Make sure to always remove your camera strap and tie back long hair. Both of these things can get in front of the camera lens and can easily be mistaken as a paranormal anomaly. Also make sure to keep your fingers out of the way of the lens. 8. Do regular upkeep maintenance on all equipment. Especially making sure that all equipment is kept clean. 9. Always bring a flashlight. I personally bring several backup flashlights too. 10. Always bring extra batteries. 11. Bring a notebook and several pens. To make notes on time, weather conditions, and any noises you might hear, bugs you see while taking a picture ect. 12. Never ever go alone. I am a big believer in the fact that there is safety in numbers. Not to mention it always helps to have a few credible witnesses with you. 13. If you are investigating in cold weather, hold your breath while taking a picture, so it is not mistaken for ectoplasm. 14. Do not take photos in rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, or fog. 15. Never bring or use a ouija board. 19. I always talk to spirits when I do an investigation. I tell them who I am, why I am there, and ask them to speak to me. I sometimes ask their name and if they have any messages. I also ask them if they would like their picture taken. You would be amazed at the results you get by doing these few simple things. 20. NEVER try to make a ghost angry to get a response. I've seen it done and the result was not something you want to deal with, trust me. *****This may seem obvious to most, but I'm sure there are some who won't think about it. Boys and girls, if you must relieve yourself while in an investigation. PLEASE do so outside of the cemetery. I'm sure the cemetery occupants and visitors will appreciate it.***** Have fun while doing an investigation, but also remain respectful at all times. I have no doubt that spirits see and hear everything that we do.