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My EVPs ***********NEW************ Added 14 September 2005 "Next to you" "Help me" "Eugene" "Come Inside" "How are you?" "I'm even dead" "It's too soon" "Knock....I'm sorry" Added 10 Feb 2005 This one was taken at a cemetery. First it is a man with an Enlish accent saying "See how they walk on past." Then another man says "I couldn't say" "Walk On Past" This one, I am at a family cemetery, and you hear me talking about a truck on a childs grave. Then you hear the child say "And a teddy bear" "Teddy Bear" "A child saying Mommy This is a young man saying "We're going to pick some JV talent" "JV Talent" An old woman saying "What's the matter" "What's the matter" This one says..."She's on the other team" then there is some background noise and it says "When she's done, then we'll play" "Me getting picked to play on their team" "Enough of Her" I got this today at an abandoned cemetery that we found. It is so deep and so slow that even speeding it up, I can't make out what it says. Please E-mail me if you can figure it out. "Deep Slow Voice" I got all of these at cemeteries "Hey William" I got this one at a cemetery we were transcribing it was a family cemetery, and the fathers name was William "Profanity" "She's Scared" "We Tried To Live" "HI" A woman says I'll be punished after I explain to the ghosts that I am trying to record them, and asking them to talk to me. "I'll Be Punished" ******************NEW******************* "They want you to Look" I got this one last night on Halloween....from the small cemetery that is on my property. "Get Away From Me" There are more, but it's going to take me awhile to get them figured out.