Dallas County Marriage Records
Dallas County Marriage Records Sorted By Groom 1871-1873
9-28-1871 Admires, William to Burch, Lucinda 2-9-1871 Alford, Jeremiah to Southard, Sarah L 4-23-1871 Allen, James S to Corwin, Sarah E 4-6-1871 Ames, William to Marton, Mary 3-18-1872 Anderson, Edward R to Runner, Margaret A 3-31-1872 Anderson, John H to Garner, Levina J 12-28-1871 Arnold, George W to Southard, Mary J 1-21-1872 Ballinger, Patrick H to Miller, Catherine 6-15-1872 Barry, Isaac M to Moss, Hannah D 3-9-1871 Bartmus, William J to Randin, Eliza 7-13-1871 Barton, Robert N to Amos, Mary A 6-9-1872 Beezley, Edward E to Rogers, Mrs. Sarah E Both of Hickory County, Missouri 11-16-1871 Bennett, Layfayette to Cowden, Mary E At the house of Robert Cowden in Dallas County 3-10-1872 Benson, Reuben to Davis, Mary 8-11-1872 Birdwell, Andrew J to Stinecipher, Rebecha M Married at the residence of S C Stinecipher 11-24-1872 Blankenship, Calvin M to Body, Nancy J 3-21-1872 Bresshears, Nathan to Lemare, Charity Married at J. Bresshears in Dallas county 3-5-1871 Broadus, John T to Dyer, America O Cally 4-20-1871 Brown, John to Tabor, Sarah E 7-4-1871 Brown, W C to Dillion, Mary 9-15-1872 Brown, William Bell to Harris, Selena 2-4-1872 Busick, Milton B to Smith, Mary E Married at the residence of the bride's father 10-17-1872 Callison, Alexander to Popejoy, Malinda Married at the residence of E M Popejoy in Dallas county 12-17-1872 Calvin, Joseph to Wollard, Margaret Groom of Polk county 4-4-1872 Carter, Rubin J to Buckner, Nancy E Married at the house of the bride's father in Dallas county 6-9-1872 Chandler, Lorents D to Burton, Martha A 10-8-1871 Clark, George W to Kellogg, Sarah D 10-29-1871 Clark, Isaac to Chapman, Addaline 4-28-1872 Clark, Samuel Richard to Martin, Sintha Ann Married at the house of Jane Huggins in Dallas county 11-16-1871 Clayton, Reuben P to Triplett, E Jamiah 1-2-1872 Climon, Simon B to Brown, Hannah 2-16-1871 Cline, John N to Clinkinbeard, Sarah M 2-16-1871 Clinkinbeard, Isaac to Cline, Mary E 1-29-1871 Coffelt, Henry to Robinsen, Miss S. 8-22-1871 Coffman, Anderson to Kenedy, Susan 5-13-1871 Collins, John to Joyner, Jane 8-4-1872 Coulter, Gentry to Whitney, Nancy 11-17-1872 Cowden, William Albert to Voris, Martha 7-27-1871 Cox, James R E to Strickland, Malissa J 2-1-1872 Crain, Taylor to Price, Nancy Jane 8-29-1871 Davis, Allen to Boze, Mary R 1-25-1872 Davis, Joseph to White, Rosetta 3-23-1871 Davis, Lorenzo D to Bassham, Sarah E 12-31-1871 Drake, Daniel to Rodgers, Mrs. Delila C 9-12-1872 Drumwell, James L to George, Manervea 12-14-1871 Edmisson, Curtis C E to Randles, Roda R D C 1-5-1871 Edwards, Andrew J to Cline, Arminty 1-1-1871 Eldigin, Andrew to Mode, Thereby 10-31-1872 Engle, J D to Hays, Mrs. Salliva 1-3-1871 Evans, Mark B to Burns, Caroline 3-28-1871 Finley, W W to Wilder, M E 8-1-1872 Fitchpatrick, James to Templeton, Samantha C 4-9-1872 Flemins, James to Buckhanan, Susan Married at the residence of the bride 3-3-1872 Fortner, E D to Stafford, Lucy E 2-2-1871 Fox, Austin L to Edwards, Charity 4-2-1872 Funderburk, Alexander to Morrow, Salenia 6-4-1871 Garner, John R to Hill, Sarah E 1-23-1871 Garrett, John R to Hatfield, Phebe J 11-10-1872 Gates, J K to Cook, Augustin M 4-15-1872 Hall, John to Cosley, Sarah 11-28-1871 Haner, Louis to Clouse, Catharine 12-31-1872 Hanes, Wilson D to Smith, Missouri A Groom of Polk county 11-10-1872 Harper, James R to Murphy, Mary J Married at the residence of George W Tucker 9-12-1872 Hawkins, John to Roper, Mary E 3-17-1872 Hays, James H to Williams, Mary 10-24-1871 Henderson, Rev. H to Morris, Sarah M 8-29-1872 Highfill, William R to Lee, Miss N J 1-18-1871 Hildebrand, Francis to Riggs, Minerva 4-23-1871 Hill, James R to Hill, Louesy C 2-2-1871 Hill, John H to Clayton, Mary E 1-3-1871 Hill, Samuel S to Gregg, Sarah J 3-19-1871 Hoff, William to Paine, Mary V Married at the residence of K W Rush, Dallas county 4-30-1871 Holland, James K P to Pipkin, Mrs. Sarah E 3-7-1871 Holt, Jesse to Harmon, Hulda C 6-27-1872 Hoobler, John R to Gregg, Missouri Ann 11-10-1872 Hoover, John A to Gillihan, Rebecca J 12-31-1871 Hughes, James L to Luttrell, Sarah M 4-5-1871 Hutchinsen, Henderson to Jenkins, Nancy J 4-6-1871 Jackson, N G to Triplett, Mary E 1-9-1871 Johnson, John H to Stanley, Emily J 8-11-1872 Kenrick, John W to Vanderford, Harriet S 3-3-1871 Lawsen, Calvin C to Hildebrand, Malinda J 10-19-1871 Lee, John W to Highfield, Sarah P 7-25-1872 Lee, Weyel to Cheek, Susan Married at the residence of the bride's father 12-31-1871 Lemar, John to Sewards, Alice 2-2-1871 Lemons, Henry N to Chapman, Mary A 4-28-1872 Lightfoot, Robert D to Skaggs, Martha Ann 3-2-1871 Looney, John M to Chester, Martha 5-22-1871 Lovan, James R to Mitchell, Margaret A 4-14-1871 Lyman, Joseph to Shultz, Lizzie 7-10-1871 Mahan, John S to Clinkenbeard, Sarah E 6-22-1871 Marsh, Jerome P to Arnold, Amanda C 10-29-1871 Marsh, L M to Cowden, Mary J 10-19-1871 Marsh, P B to Gammon, Esther M M 1-22-1871 Martin, John L to Catharine Smith 12-21-1871 Massie, Marion to Randal, Nancy Groom of Laclede county, Married at the house of the bride's father. 12-8-1872 McGhee, James to Powell, Letta A L 4-23-1871 McLeod, Alfred C to Waddle, Martha Elizabeth 2-2-1873 McLeod, James Marion to Bishop, Mary Ellen 1-2-1872 McMillian, Thomas M to Davison, Matilda J Consent by N H McMillian, father of the groom 1-7-1872 McNamara, Michael to Kenedy, Mrs. Missouri Married at the residence of Wm. Mitchell in Dallas County 9-9-1872 Mead, J H to Oneil, Sarah L 6-17-1871 Meakes, Richard to Chatman, Sarah 6-3-1872 Miller, George W to Hicks, Mary 10-20-1872 Miller, Isaac to Wilson, Elizabeth 7-30-1871 Miller, Thomas N to Jones, Mary A 10-24-1872 Milligan, Johnathan to Rathbone, Arabella 1-19-1871 Mitchell, Allen J to Tripett, Joanna H 5-16-1872 Morris, Albert to McDowell, Martha 11-10-1872 Moser, John to Haston, Elizabeth A 9-10-1871 Musteen, Shedrack J to Acuff, Frances 1-1-1871 Naselrod, William to Cox, Mrs. Margaret 11-16-1871 Newport, John A to McMillian, Parmelia F 8-5-1872 Osborn, Jessey to Belt, Nancy Caroline Elenden 11-5-1871 Osburn, Isaac to Hays, Mahala A 6-27-1872 Owen, Presly to Rains, Eliza J 8-8-1872 Paine, Joseph to Hendrix, Elsey 6-2-1872 Patterson, A M to Goodwin, M D 5-11-1872 Patterson, Joel to Johnson, Kate 12-29-1872 Phariss, William to Hearill, Nancy Married at the residence of A W Herill in Dallas county 1-23-1871 Pitman, Samuel R to Morrow, Julia 1-13-1871 Pittman, William T to Carnell, Mary C 9-8-1872 Popejoy, Calvin to Venable, Martha J Married at the residence of Susan Vincent 1-25-1872 Porter, Pallestine to Harris, Martha 2-25-1871 Potter, Martin to Duncan, Catharine 1-14-1873 Powell, Joseph Calvin to Johnson, Elizabeth Josephine 2-15-1872 Price, Jacob F to Arther, Catherine 1-28-1872 Richardson, Amos to Lewy, Caroline Groom of Polk county, Married at the house of the bride's mother. 9-19-1872 Robertson, James R to Swinton, Martha A Married at Pisgah Church House 1-12-1873 Robertson, John Jess to Bell, Mary 12-28-1871 Rodgers, William F to Woods, Frances E 9-22-1872 Rorer, E M to Lucky, Mrs. Lucindy Married at the house of William Brownfield, Dallas county 2-23-1872 Rowden, Albert J to Carnes, Ann 1-29-1871 Russel, William to Harmon, Laura J 3-20-1871 Russell, Gilbert to Fitzpatrick, Phebe 12-13-1871 Russell, John M to Triplett, Martha L 10-24-1872 Sands, Francis M to Pitts, Lola 11-27-1872 Schofield, Frank P to Farrer, Delila Ethlinda Married at the residence of the bride's parents 3-2-1871 Scott, Thomas to McVey, Jerusha A 1-1-1871 Scrivner, William to Scott, Epsabith 3-17-1872 Self, John L to Smith, Ellen 12-4-1872 Sewell, James Q to White, Mrs. Rebecca J 9-1-1872 Shadrick, Joseph to Whitworth, Lucinda C Groom of Laclede county 5-7-1871 Sidwell, James K to Mitchell, Manerva A 5-28-1871 Sims, Joseph to Nimmo, Martha E 10-21-1871 Smith, John to Holland, Arpha C 2-23-1871 Smith, William to Broadwaters, Susan 12-17-1863 Stafford, Bird to Wingo, Elizabeth Sworn to & subscribed before A V F Haston, JP on 8-19-1871 9-2-1872 Staford, Charles to Meaders, L E 2-2-1871 Steincepher, John H to Cranfil, Mahala J 8-11-1872 Stever, James to Austin, Martha C Groom of Webster county, Bride of Dallas county 3-24-1872 Stewart, George L to Powell, Nancy J 11-31-1872 Stowe, Granville to Davis, Caroline 7-14-1872 Strain, Torrance to Cheek, Laura At the residence of Samuel Wood, Washington Twp. 7-2-1871 Strickland, George to Bartley, Mary Jane 10-1-1871 Sturdevant, James A to Franklin, Nancy S 7-27-1871 Thomkins, John to Rush, Elizabeth 8-31-1871 Turner, Edward to Stanley, Linia Groom of Polk county, Bride of Dallas county 2-14-1872 Walker, Caswell to Kelly, Juddith Ann 3-7-1872 Ward, Samuel to Cheek, Mary S 3-21-1872 Ware, Harrison to Engle, Sarah E Married at the residence of the bride's father 2-29-1872 Warren, Pinkey to Porter, Mary 8-8-1872 Wauks, Daniel C to Dugan, Lucinda E 1-29-1871 Welch, William M to Shemberger, Sarah J 3-9-1871 Whealley, Nathaniel to Franklin, Canfist? D 12-19-1872 Williams, George W to Wingo, Eliza A 3-2-1871 Williams, Phillip to Jones, Naomi E 5-30-1872 Williams, Robert to Edwards, Agnes 3-10-1872 Wilson, Frank C to Booth, Jennie 3-15-1872 Wilson, Robert B to Flanegan, Rhoda 10-8-1871 Wing, George S to Smith, Nancy Elizabeth Married at the house of John Smith in Dallas county 3-2-1871 Wingo, Asberry to Garner, Nancy A 9-8-1872 Wingo, Isaac J to McGee, Martha F Married at the bride's residence in Dallas county, Wit: Jasper Wingo, Elizabeth Stafford; Mother of groom gives consent. 9-8-1872 Wingo, Willis A to Bell, Martha A Married at the bride's residence in Dallas county 1-1-1871 Wise, William to Hildebrand, Martha V 10-3-1872 Woods, Milton C to Long, Sarah D Married at the house of John Hendrickson, Dallas county 2-11-1872 Yeats, Robert to Marsh, Margaret Alcia 10-30-1872 Young, William to Miller, Eleener 1-1-1871 Youngblood, Thomas to Hays, Louisa S
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