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This section is for anyone who has any printed documents, etc. to share with other researchers, including partial census, tax record, newsprint stories and documents. Please consider donating any of your research that may help other Camden Co. MO researchers. Thanks. Johnna Quick Owens _________________________________________________________________________ Conway Cemetery Transcription From Sharan Lesmeister _________________________________________________________________________ From Sarah Davis: In the Morgan Co newspaper, there was published a list of deliquent taxpayers for the year 1866. I hope this helps someone. ADMIRE, M J ARCHER, Wm ADAMS, Wm BURNS, D BREALEY, W H (bresley?) BAILY, Wm A BOWLIN, D B? WILA, A J BOLLINGER, J BALDWIN, D BURKE, W J BOWLIN,J BENGMAN, S BEARD, J T CARROLL, C CARROLL, M E CHITWOOD, r g CHISM, C CRISSY, C COME, H P CARLTON, T S COSSAINT, J CARTER, W CHURCHILL, C CON?ERN, W CUSHMAN, D DOSSON, J & S heirs of estate EAKIN, LEVI ERNEST, A FLIPPIN, T FULBRIGHT, J L FARMER, J FRANCES, F M FINLEY, JAMES FRAZIER, JOHN HATFIELD, JOHN adm of estate of GEHORN, G W GIVENS, A O GWIN, B GOLDSTINE, A GARFIELD, D GIBBS, W S HIX, J Sr HENSON, G C HARRISON, W HOWARD, P S agt for heirs of WISDOM, C HALL, JOHN HUDDLESTON, G W adm'r of POLLY ANN HUDDLESTON HENRY, MARTHA adm'rx estate of HENRY, P HUTSON, Wm HAYS,,GW HENSLEY, J F HAGAN, C HUTCHINSON HOLDEN, M HOVEY, C C HOBBS, J L HAMILTON, W HEATH, URIAH IVY, L IVY, J M estate of IVY, G A admr estate of IVY, H IVY, G A IVY, B JONES, W JACKSON, J F curator of heirs of ELI CAPPS KUYKENDALL, JACOB Jr LEWIS, E LANE, DAVID C admr estate of SIMON LANE MERAN, B MILLS, D est of McMINN, S McDANIEL, J P estate OF W RUSSELL MCDOWELL, I MORGAN, W S MILLER, J R McDONOUGH, D MORELAND, P McKIRDY MORGAN, H S NEWMAN, J NORTH, W A NORTHRIP, W J ? NEWILL, C OWENS, SARAH PHILLIPS, W T PURVIS, A J POPS, JOHN heirs of PARK, W A PEARL, A L PRULL, FRED PRATTMAN, W PENNINGTON, E A RAINWATER, G E estate of RAINWATER, GE adm'r of RAINWATER, D M RAWSON, H RANDOLPH M RHEEM, W SIMPSON, W C SHAW, A STONE, E B SWEEDY, O STARK, J J SHEPHERD, G P SLUTER, J H SHUSTER, C SCOTT, A J STREET, Wm THOMAS, W R TUCKER, Wm estate of THOMAS, Jno WADE, J R WHITE, G T WHITE, B WELLER, Z L WILSON, H lots in Linn Creek ROBERTS S R KOUNSLER contributed by Sarah Davis
_________________________________________________________________________ From: Joanne Scobee Morgan Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 My mother-in-law, who was from Camden Co., MO., died just prior to Thanksgiving, leaving me all her genealogy books. Also, this. I don't know where she got it...sounds like a newspaper article. (She was related to the Popes, Selbys and Parrishes, as you will be able to tell. "A number of mounds by Prehistoric race was found near Chauncey Post office. Lover's Leap -The chief of Osage Indians "Okema" fell in love with Winona, but she had a lover, Minetus, to which she had pledged her hand, so she rejected Okema. He chased her to what is now Lover's Leap, and to escape capture, Winona jumped from the precipice and died." The first permanent settlers were Reuben BERRY and William POQUE, settling in 1827. Mr. Berry on the Dry Auglaize, and Poque on the Osage, and Thomas H. PARRISH on the Dry Auglaize, all from Kentucky. William A. POPE was appointed assessor of revenues for the county for the year of 1841. Linn Creek was organized in 1845. The county seat was transferred from Erie to Linn Creek, November 15, 1850. June 1867 at the June term of the court Thomas SELBY was appointed Superintendent of the court house. On May 10, 1867 the court made an order appropriating $6500 with which to build a court house on the public square in Linn Creek. Thomas SELBY served as County court clerk from 1868 to 1870, as Prosecuting Attorney from 1873 to 1875, and again from 1879 to 1881. The population of the county in 1850, 2338 white and colored, 1860 (4975) 4769 white and 206 colored, 1870 (6108) 5959 white and 149 colored, 1880 (9266) 7152 white and 114 colored. County was coorganized in 1841. First grand jury for the county in 1841, was impanelled band sworn. The names of the panel were Green WOODS, foreman: William C. MCGEE, William OWENS, Ousley CLIBURN, James MARLOW, Isaac H. PARRISH, William NORTHRUP, Samson W. WILXON, Daniel MERIDITH, John D. DEAN, George SHUMATE, Levic C. FULBRIGHT, Thomas PARRISH, Thomas HART, and Berry T. BENTON. Fifteen good and lawful men in legal parlance. _________________________________________________________________________ From: Joanne Scobee Morgan Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 I also found this in my mother-in-law's things. I don't understand how to read it...I know some of these people aren't slaves, but that's how the paper is headed...This is how it looks... SLAVES 1850 SLAVE CENSUS OF MO CAMDEN CO. John Pope 40 yr. old male Black 15 yr. old female Mulatto Thomas Parrish 20 yr. old female black 6 yr. old male mulatto 1860 Slave Census of MO Wm. M. Pope 8 yr. old female mulatto Miller Co. 4 yr. old male mulatto Thomas Parish (couldn't be read as the print was too light) 1870 Census - Camden County Mo Osage Township Page 503 1/2 Davis, Louis Age 45 black farm laborer born KY Caroline age 35 black keeping house born KY POPE, Rachael age 21 black house work born in MO Dodson, Rachael age 19 black house work born in MO Davis Silvey age 80 black born KY Leanas? age 2 male black born MO Dodson, Isaac age 19 Farm laborer born MO Page 507 Foster, Alsey 50 female Black Keeping house b. KY attended school within year Henry 20 black male b MO attended school within year Willie(?) 18 black b MO can't read or write Page 520 1/2 127/127 Legrand, Rebecca and Edna live here< Page 520 130/130 Moulder, David age 30 Farmer b TN Sarah 23 Ohio Elen 1 MO Jesse 1/2 b May MO George 34 physician b TN Grind, W.J. 24 farm laborer b. England Clause, Joseph 26 Farm laborer b. Wisc. Foster, Parkey age 40 female black housekeeping b KY cannot read or write page 520 131/131 Josiah Parish & Mary E. Page 520 142/142 John Parish and Marinda 1880 Census of Camden Co. Osage Township Page 49 Thomas Selby lists his birth place as PA, but leaves blank the birth places of both of his parents. 1890 Census of MO destroyed 1900 census of MO, camden co. Osage Township Page 73 Fowler, Thomas F. Negro B May 1871 married 12 years, Tie hauler, he and his parents born in MO can read and write Fannie b 1873 she and parents b MO can't read or write Eva b May 1896 Rhoda b March 1897 Foster, Parkie Grandmother b 1830 (didn't know month) age 70 she and parents born KY 1910 Census of MO Osage Township, Village of Linn Creek Sheet 4 of Osage Township Dodson, Rachel Head of household Black age 50 Widow had 11 children, 5 susviving She and parents b. MO can't read or write Ettie L. Daughter, age 22, single. She and parents b. MO can't read or write Henry T. Son 18 single he and parents b. MO can't read or write Sarah L. Daughter 12 she and parents b. MO can read, but not write Fowler, Fannie, Daughter age 34 married had 9 children, 2 surviving. She and parents b. MO Georgie E. Granddaughter 13 single can read and write Charles I. Grandson 4 he and parents b. MO Foster, Parky mother 80 years widow had one child and one survives. she and parents b. in KY. Hope this helps someone. Joanne Scobee Morgan
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