Camden County, Missouri WWII Victory Cookbook Recipe contributors


Coming soon (hopefully!!) the actual recipies.

WW II Vicotry Cookbook recipies contributors, and sponsors


Camden County, Missouri WWII Victory Cookbook Recipe contributors.

Hattie Allison

Mrs. K. D. Arrerberry

Mrs. Jim Banner

Mrs. Martha Banner

Mrs. A. T. Bell

Ardella Blair

Mrs. J., H. Blair

Bobbie Bobbitt

Mrs. P. Bobbitt

Mrs. Jim Branch

Mrs. J. M. Bunch

Jessie (Brasher) Burke

Mrs. A. W. Calkin

Mrs. Harry G. Chalfant

Jacqueline Chalfant

Mrs. H. C. Clayton

Callie Corpening

Mrs. David Conard

Mrs. Callie Copening

Mrs. E. G. Claiborn

Mrs. Lieu Cunningham

Mrs. John Cummings

Mrs. J. L. Dills

Mrs. Joe Dudley

Lucille Dudley

Marie Dye

Mrs. Alma Eidson

Mrs. Arthur Edwards

Mrs. Clarence Edwards

Mrs. Doyle Edwards

Flossie Edwards

Mrs. J. E. Edwards

Mrs. Rose Edwards

Mrs. Ray Eldred

Mrs. Frank Emery

Mrs. Bob J. Fairall

Mrs. Susan Farmer

Anna Mae Foster

Mrs. J. V. Foster

Katie Foster

Mrs. M. R. Foster

Mrs. Reva Foster

Mrs. Monta Gale

Mabel Garrison

Mrs. J. w. Garrison

Mrs. P. H. George

Mrs. Cecil Gregory

Mrs. Harold Griffin

Mrs. Willard Hanks

Mrs. Boyd w. Harwood, Jr.

Mrs. W. R. Henry

Mrs. R. F. Houser

Mary F. Huddleston

Mrs. Lizzie Kellar

Mrs. Frank Kelly

Mrs. George King

Mrs. Raymond Leap

Mrs. Wes Libby

Myrtly Long

Mrs. E. C. Lowell

Ina Fay Mann

Mrs. Lucile Martin

Mrs. John W. Marshall

Mrs. L. H. McCoy

Mrs. L. T. McDaniel

Mrs. Homer Miller

Dama Moore

Mrs. Sidney Moore

Mrs. E. E. Morgan

Mrs. Harland Morgan

Ola Morgan

Mrs. Ralph Morgan

Mrs. Fred J. Moulder

Mrs. Jack J. Moulder

Lona Moulder

Mrs. Kuther Neeley

Edith Nelson


Mrs. E. B. O'Brien

Mrs. Alta Osborn

Mrs. Claude Osborn

Mrs. Russell Osborn

Mrs. C. J. Ozbun

Mrs. Edgel Parrish

Mrs. Frank Parrish

Mrs. Hobart Parish

Dona Parrock

Mrs. A. S. Patterson

Beulah Moore Pittman

Mrs. F. M. Pittman

Mrs. George Raines

Mrs. Geo. Rhoadman

Mrs. Sid C. Roach

Mrs. Lula Roofener

Mrs. Draper Salsman

Mrs. L. C. Scott

Mrs. F. H. Shannon

Leona Shier

Mrs. Chas. E. Sidwell

Mrs. Carl Simons

David Small

Minnie Smith

Mrs. Robert Smith

Mrs. Sally Smith

Mrs. Jack Stotler

Mrs. Harry Talbot

Mrs. Jim Traw

Mona Traw

Mrs. Porter Traw

Mrs. Maria Sue Tompkins

Mrs. B. A. Thompson

Mrs. George Turner

Mrs. Elbert Wisner

Annie Walters

Mrs. Appie Webb

Mrs. C. E. Webb

Mrs. Orien West

Vena Mae West

Mary Wheeler

Mrs. Chester White

Mrs. Claude White

Mrs. Evert White

Mrs. R. L. Wikerson

Mrs. C. B. Williams

Mrs. Glen O. Williams

Mrs. Ted Willard

Wilma Jean Winfrey

Miss Willie Vermillian

Mrs. Gladys Vincent

Mrs. Ralph Vincent

Misc. from this book:

We May live without poetry, music and art.

We may live without conscience, and live without heart,

We may live without friends; we may live without books;

But civilized men cannot live without cooks.

We may live without books, What is knowledge but grieving?

We may live without hope, What is hope but deceiving?

We may live without love, What is passion but pining?

But where is the man that can live without dining???

Contributed by Owen Merideth

From An “Old Linn Creek” Cook Book

Sponsers were:

  1. The Camden County Bank: J. V. Foster - Pres. Russell Foster - Cashier
  2. Bankson-Woolery Funeral Service & Ambulance
  3. Ozbun & Raines Texaco Serivice Station
  4. Ozark Fisheries Inc.
  5. Wheeler's Boat Dock
  6. Mathis Cabin Court
  7. Watson's Boat Dock
  8. B. W. Harwood, Jr.
  9. Swingaroo Inn
  10. American Legion Post 193
  11. Smith H. Iiams Insurance
  12. Edward's Boat Works
  13. Jack Farmer Chevrolet Co.
  14. Dye's Cabin Camp
  15. Delux Beverage Co.
  16. Lako Cottage Court
  17. Hopi Modern Cottages
  18. Ball café
  19. Castle Service Station
  20. Williams-Whitsitt Insurance Agency
  21. E. B. O'Brien Lumber Co.
  22. G & M. 5 & 10 store
  23. Night Hawks Café
  24. Western Auto Associate Store
  25. Parish Bros. Store
  26. Lowell's Boat Dock
  27. Coca-Cola Co.
  28. Pepsi-Cola Co.
  29. Jim, Theda, & Chandra Willard
  30. Moulder Hotel
  31. Morgan's Tire service
  32. Dwire Tavern
  33. Laughlin Garage
  34. Lester Morgan Service Station
  35. Brown's Barber Shop
  36. Copper Minnow Co.
  37. Camdenton Water Co.
  38. Conard Drug Co.
  39. Ball Shoe Store
  40. Camdenton Cleaners: M. C. Donaldson
  41. Henry Bobbitt Service Station
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