Mace Cemetery
Mace Cemetery This is from the site of the Mace Cemetery. The sign reads: "Mace Graveyard, Est. 1820 The Mace Family originally buried their family members and colored slaves in this plot of ground. The Family Members were identified with "Markers" however, The colored slaves only received a sandstone rock as a marker. In 1930 the white people were moved to Zion Cemetery, Anderson Hollow, Linn Creek, Mo. The colored people - 3 to 6 unidentified, Remain buried in this grave. There are six "sandstones" not of native origin to this Area - Thus the estimate of 3-6 graves. This fence and Marker Erected in the spring of 1994." This is the photo of the surviving plot. This burial ground is located in the parking lot of the Missouri Trapshooters Association Shooting Range.
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