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Lookups for Benton County Missouri - Guidelines - Use Benton County Mo Lookup as subject, as some volunteers do lookups for other areas also. Specify references to be checked and limit requests to one or two full names, not just a surname. Volunteers donate their time as and when available, and response time can't be predicted. NOTE: Don't overlook the wealth of data online in the: Benton County Archives
Benton County References Volunteer

1870 Benton County Census

Tara West Mooney

History of Benton County Vols 1, 2 (1969) and 3 (1971)

Homer Ficken

Early families of Alexander Township

       Karen P. Myers       

German settlers of Cole Camp area

Homer Ficken

Holy Cross Lutheran Church history & records 1842-1992

Joy Patrick

Warsaw First United Methodist Church 1995 membership directory

Pat Gilbert

Benton County People in World War II by Kathleen White Miles 1972

Pat Gilbert