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Civil War, Benton County Mo Home Guards Roster

Roster of Benton County Missouri Home Guards Infantry       
(German Regiment, Missouri Volunteers)       

13 June 1861 - 13 September 1861       

P - Z      

Name---Rank---Company---Age---Birthplace---Residence---Roster Notes---Pension Data---Death Date

    ("died ca" indicates year widow's pension application was filed, and may be later than actual date)

Pape, Frederick--Pvt--C--51--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1871
Pape, Henry--2Lt--C--29--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1889--died 1910 Miami Co Kansas
Papen, John H--Sgt--C--51--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1874
Peit, Harise--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Peters, Christopher--Pvt--B--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Peters, Henry--Cpl--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1890
Pieper, George--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1896
Pieper, Henry--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1919
Pieper, Henry--Pvt--F--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died ca 1862
Pitzers, Harm--Cpl--E--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Powell, Henry--LtSurg--35--Ohio--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Pregge, Claus--Pvt--A--22--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890 (see footnote)--died 1910
Priesmeier, Henry--Pvt--C--58--Waldeck--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1880
Prigge, Cord--2Lt--C--40--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1904
Prigge, Henry--Pvt--F--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 (see footnote)--fate unknown
Raiffeisen, Carl--Sgt--F--41--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1907
Rand, N K--Pvt--A--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Rasa, Frederick--Pvt--C--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Rese"--died 1905
Reck, Peter--Pvt--E--47--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed by bushwhackers 1864
Reinert, Andreas--Pvt--D--32--Baden--Benton Co--pension 1883 (8th MSM "Andrew")--died ca 1900
Reinert, Bernhard--Pvt--D--34--Baden--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1902
Renken, Claus--Pvt--E--23--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1898--died 1908
Renken, Henry--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1902 (13th MSM)--died 1910
Reusch, Peter--Pvt--E--46--Prussia--Benton Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--died 1868 Kansas
Riefesel, John--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Ringen, Cord--Pvt--F--31--Hanover--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle
Roberson, Edward--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Roiter, John George--Pvt--C--55--Austria--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1887
Ronsick, John Henry--Pvt--E--36--Prussia--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1874
Rothganger, Louis--Pvt--E--37--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1891
Rotermund, Henry--Pvt--E--43--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1891
Ruegers, Bernhard--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed Concordia 1864
Rugen, Claus--Pvt--C--42--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1879--died 1896
Rugen, Louis--Sgt--RgtQM--29--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1898
Sanford, James--Pvt--B--41--Kentucky--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1876
Schaper, Conrad--Pvt--C--17--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1909
Schaper, Henry--Pvt--A--19--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1922
Schieberl, John--Pvt--B--32--Austria--Benton Co--pension 1889--died 1910
Schick, Paul--Pvt--F--37--Prussia--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1890 --died 1871
Schlegel, Conrad--Pvt--D--40--Prussia--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863
Schleifer, Louis--Pvt--F--27--Nassau--Morgan Co--no pension data--Wyandotte, Kansas 1870s
Schluesing, Henry W--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1922 Pettis Co
Schluesing, John F--Pvt--F--17--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1930 Pettis Co
Schmalfeld, John--Pvt--E--42--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Schmidt, August--Pvt--F--45--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed by bushwhackers 1864
Schnaars, Jost--Pvt--F--49--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Schnabel, George Frederick--Pvt--D--42--Bavaria--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1900
Schnackenberg, Cord--Pvt--E--38--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1902
Schnackenberg, Herman--Pvt--A--23--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1904 Nebr
Schnackenberg, Herman--Pvt--B--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1878--died 1909
Schnackenberg, John--Sgt--A--22--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1911 Kansas
Schnackenberg, John--Pvt--E--59--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1872
Schnackenberg, John H--Pvt--C--38--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1903
Schnackenberg, Peter--Pvt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension applic 1896 (denied)--died 1865
Schroeder, Christopher--Pvt--F--56--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 Nebr--fate unknown
Schroeder, Claus--Pvt--E--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1915 Kansas City
Schroeder, Cord--Pvt--E--31--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1890--died 1895
Schroeder, Frederick--Pvt--D--43--Hanover--Benton Co--minor's pens 1893 (5th MSM)--died bef 1893
Schroeder, Henry--Pvt--E--57--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--widow's pension 1864--died of wounds
Schroeder, Henry--Pvt--E--44--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1886
Schroeder, Herman--Pvt--E--26--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1879--died 1880
Schroeder, John--Pvt--E--20--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1907
Schumacher, Henry--Pvt--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1888--died 1906
Schumacher, John--Pvt--D--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1889 (5th MSM)--fate unknown
Schupp, Anton--Pvt--A--33--Nassau--not found census, no pension application
Schupp, Carl --Pvt--F--29--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1896--living 1913
Schupp, William--Pvt--F--36--Nassau--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed by bushwhackers 1864
Schupp, William--Pvt--F--27--Nassau--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1897--died 1896
Schutte, Henry--Pvt--A--19--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1930
Schutte, Henry--Cpl--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--to Lafayette Co
Schwald, Joseph--Pvt--F--30--Austria--Benton Co--pension 1892 (Schwalbe)--died 1897
Schweer, Frederick--Pvt--A--22--Hesse--Lafayette Co--pension 1890--died 1916 Houstonia, Mo
Schwickrath, Henry--Pvt--C--39--Prussia--Morgan Co--"prisoner"--no pension data--died Moniteau Co 1896
Seibel, John--Pvt--A--30--Holstein--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Seiler, John--Pvt--B--32--Wurtemberg--Benton Co--"Wounded, disabled"--pension 1864--fate unknown
Semken, Herman--Pvt--D--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed 1862--(see footnote)
Shumway, Alanson A--Pvt--B--34--Vermont--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863 Carrollton, La
Siegel, John Peter--Pvt--F--30--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1888
Siemers, John--Pvt--E--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Simon, Jacob--2Lt--F--42--Nassau--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1862 Boonville
Slater, Adam W--Pvt--F--34--Ohio--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1903 Oklahoma
Slater, Robert O--Pvt--F--27--Ohio--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1863 (7th MSM)--died 1862
Smith (Schmidt), Peter--Pvt--F--48--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1886
Sperschneider, Frederick--Pvt--B--27--Saxony--Benton Co--widow's pension 1894--died 1884 Morgan Co
Staus, Jacob--Pvt--F--41--Germany--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle
Steffens, Claus--Pvt--B--24--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1884
Steffens, Henry--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census--widow's pension 1904 Michigan--died bef 1904
Steffens, John--Pvt--C--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1892 Saline County
Steinbrink, August--Pvt--A--18--Hanover--Morgan--pension 1884--died 1891 Nebraska
Steinbrink, Frederick--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died ca 1904
Steinbrink, Frederick--Muscn--A--56--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1891 Nebraska
Stelljes, Claus--Pvt--D--42--Hanover--Benton Co--not on rosters (see pension footnote)--died 1894
Stelling, Diedrich--Pvt--E--23--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1889 (5th MSM)--died 1914
Stelling, John Henry--Pvt--E--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1878
Stich, John--Pvt--D--50--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--Crawford Co Kansas 1870
Stoecker, Christian--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co (see pension footnote)--died 1875
Striften, Robert--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Stuhrman, Henry--19--Pvt--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1918
Tagtmeyer, William--Pvt--C--49--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1881
Thielke, Louis--Pvt--C--48--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1878
Thies, Diedrich--Pvt--F--46--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died ca 1892
Thomforde, Michael--Pvt--C--48--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1892 "Tomfurte"--died 1902 Kansas
Thomforde, Peter--Pvt--E--33--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1864 "Tomford"--killed C.C. battle
Tiedeman, Henry--1Sgt--B--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1882 "Tiedman"--died 1891 Washington
Tiedeman, John--Pvt--B--13--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1919 Tacoma, Washington
Tietjen, Christian--Pvt--D--43--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Christoffer"--died 1903
Tietjen, Herman--Pvt--E--34--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1897--died 1897
Timken, Herman--Pvt--F--26--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1870
Timken, Jacob--Pvt--B--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1906--died 1913 Orange Co, California
Timken, John--Pvt--D--49--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1893 McPherson Co, Kansas
Titzen, Herman--Pvt--F--NA "Fitjen"--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Tobaben, Peter--Pvt--E--49--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died ca 1869
Townsley, Channel P--RgtAdj--28--Penn--Pettis Co--pension applic 1891; denied--died 1907 Kansas
Traugott, John E--Pvt--B--17--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1905--died 1925 Utah
Traugott, William--Pvt--B--16--Benton Co--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Tubesing, John Henry--Pvt--E--36--Prussia--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1881
Tucker, Preston--Sgt--B--34--Kentucky--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1897
Viebrock, Herman--Pvt--C--23--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1927 Benton Co
Viebrock, John Henry--Pvt--E--28--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1912
Viebrock, John P--Pvt--A--19--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed C.C. battle (fam records)
Viets, Claus--Pvt--F--25--Hanover--Pettis Co--"Lost gun valued $8"--no pension data--died 1926
Viets, Henry--Pvt--D--49--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1903 Crawford Co, Kansas
Viets, John Henry--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1918 Crawford Co, Kansas
Vindeler, Samuel--Pvt--F--unknown (see footnote); not found census and no pension data
Vogts, Claus--Pvt--E--38--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Vogts, Herman--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1886
Von Bargen, Henry--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Pettis Co?--pension 1887--died 1924 Franklin Co
Von Minden, Claus--Pvt--D--32--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1901 Kansas
Walker, Belfort--Pvt--F--36--Ohio--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1891
Warnke, John--Pvt--E--54--Hanover--Benton Co--"Disability disch 7-21-61"--no pension data--died 1882
Warnke, Jürgen--Pvt--E--47--Hanover--Benton Co--"Disabil disch 7-21-61"--no pension data--died 1896
Weller, Daniel--Pvt--F--37--Prussia--Pettis Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--Pettis Co 1880
Weller, Peter--Pvt--F--42--Prussia--Pettis Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--died 1908
Weseloh, Henry--Pvt--C--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--"Disab disch"--pension applic 1891--died 1917 Sedalia
Weymuth, George--Pvt--F--28--Hesse--Pettis Co--"Disability discharge"--no pension data--died 1897
White, Seth--Pvt--F--33--Ohio--Morgan Co--"Prisoner"--pension 1890--died 1909
White, Sihon--Pvt--F--21--Ohio--Morgan Co--"Prisoner"--pension 1890 (9th PMM) died 1903
Wichman, Joachim--Pvt--D--42--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 (see footnote)--died 1898
Wiechen, John H--Pvt--?--30--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1919 Bison, Kansas
Wiechert, William--Pvt--C--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1880 (10th Mo Inf)--died 1920
Wiese, John D.--Pvt--E--47--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1867
Williams, Austin--Pvt--B--35--Ohio--Benton Co--widow's pension 1885 (8th MSM)--died 1875
Williams, William--Pvt--F--41--Wales--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1889--died before 1900
Windler, Diedrich--Pvt--C--27--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Deidrick"--died 1914
Windler, Henry--Pvt--C--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1917
Witte, Behrend--Pvt--C--53--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1896
Witte, Christopher--Pvt--A--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1927
Witte, Claus--Pvt--C--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Wittrock, Frederick--Pvt--C--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1915 Nebr
Wittrock, Frederick--Pvt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1901 Nebraska
Wittrock, Henry--Pvt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1896
Wittrock, Hermann--Pvt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1912
Wolf, Ferdinand--Pvt--F--33--Germany--unknown--(see footnote)--pension 1889--died ca 1899 St Louis
Wrieden, John--Pvt--E--42--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1877
Wuerdeman, Herman--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--killed 1863
Zimmerschied, John Adam--Pvt--F--55--Nassau--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died Aug 1861
Zimmerschied, John Adam--Pvt--A--26--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1884--living 1913
Zimmerschied, Louis--Pvt--A--22--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1890 (5th MSM)--died ca 1894
Zimmerschied, Philipp--Sgt--F--25--Nassau--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--pension 1900--died 1923
Zebol, Joseph--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census, no pension data--(see footnote)


Pieper, Henry (24): Roster "wounded, disabled" - 1890 Vets "shot breast, ankle, toe."
Pieper, Henry (22): Minor's pension application 1870 (widow remarried). "Wounded and completely disabled" Battle of Cole Camp.
Pregge, Claus: Listed on roster as "Pregan," shown as alias for Pregge on pension.
Prigge, Henry: Listed on roster as "Brigge," shown as alias for Prigge on pension.
Schluesing, John F: "Schliesing" on roster. Pension 1891 "Slesing" (25th Ill).
Schnackenberg, Cord: "Wounded in leg, disabled"
Schnackenberg, Herman: "Wounded, disabled for life."
Schroeder, Cord: "Disability discharge 7-21-61"
Schroeder, Henry: "Wounded 6-19-61, died 7-4-61" (6-28-61 in church record).
Semken, Herman: Killed by bushwhackers.
Siegel, Peter: Widow's pension 1890 "John P. Siegel alias Peter Piegel" but apparently denied.
Slater, Adam W: "lost rifle valued at $14."
Smith, Peter: Not on rosters but listed by widow on 1890 Vets Census.
Steffens, Claus: Widow's pension 1890 for later service in 8th MSM.
Steinbrink, Frederick (31): Pension 1882 "Carl Frederick" (8th MSM).
Steinbrink, Frederick (56): Pension 1890 Nebraska "Frederick Steimbrink."
Stelljes, Claus: Applied for pension as "Stellyes" 1890, and widow Anna in 1897, neither approved.
Stoecker, Christian: Not on rosters; widow on 1890 Vets census and applied for pension 1891; denied.
Thies, Diedrich: Not on rosters; filed pension application 1891, denied, and widow's application was filed 1892 by Louisa Thies, also denied. In the 1890 Vets Census, she listed prior spouse Phillip Hebel.
Tobaben, Peter: Minor's pension application 1907, "Tobalson" listed as alias, apparently denied.
Tucker, Preston: "Prisoner, lost horse and gun."
Vindeler, Samuel: "Horse used for scouting one month, allowance $8." Possibly James S. Vandergriff 20 of Morgan Co, who joined 25th ILL at Otterville 30 Sept 61 with neighbor John F. Schluesing. Vandergriff died in a Confederate prison 1864.
Von Minden, Claus: Listed on rosters as "Claus Minerman" and this shown as "alias" on pension, 1889.
Wichman, Joachim: Listed on rosters as "Herman Wiegman"; pension lists Herman as "alias" and correct name as "Joachim Wiegman." It is uncertain if Wiegman was original spelling, or roster error.
Wiechen, John H: Not listed on the rosters; submitted pension application 1904 listing service as "unassd, Benton Co Mo HGds." No certificate, apparently denied.
Williams, William: "Prisoner 6-20, released 6-24, died 8-3-61."  Obviously, he either didn't die, or the one listed in 1889 was a second William Williams, not recorded on the muster roll.
Wittrock, Frederick (28): "Disability disch 7-20-61." Submitted pension application 1890 but denied (did not serve minimum 90 days required).
Wolf, Ferdinand: "Disability discharge." Residence 1860 unknown; not found census.
Wuerdeman, Herman: Killed by bushwhackers 1863 while serving in 8th MSM. Widow's pension application 1863, apparently denied. Minors' pension awarded 1867.
Zebol, Joseph: Possibly Sedalia brewer Joseph Siebe--27--Prussia? (No pension data)
Zimmerschied, John A (55): Widow's pension application 1865, denied. According to family legend, was captured Cole Camp battle and dragged behind a horse, and died from resulting blood poisoning later.
Zimmerschied, Louis: "Lost blanket valued $5."

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