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Civil War, Benton County Mo Home Guards Roster

Roster of Benton County Missouri Home Guards Infantry       
(German Regiment, Missouri Volunteers)       

13 June 1861 - 13 September 1861       

K - O      

Name---Rank---Company---Age---Birthplace---Residence---Roster Notes---Pension Data---Death Date

    ("died ca" indicates year widow's pension application was filed, which may be later than actual date)

Kahrs, Claus--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1904 Michigan
Kansteiner, William--1Lt--B--27--Prussia--Benton Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C. C. battle
Kellner, Diedrich--Pvt--C--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891 "Kelner"--died 1914 Pettis Co
Kerksiek, Henry--Sgt--A--19--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Kerksich"--died 1913
Kerksiek, Henry--Pvt--C--52--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1890 "Kersick"--died 1889
Keseman, Frederick W--Pvt--B--31--Prussia--Benton Co--(not on rosters)--pension 1890--died 1893
Kessner, Diedrich--Pvt--D--44--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1876 Lafayette Co
Kessner, Henry--Pvt--D--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1907 Lafayette Co
Kipp, Frederick--Pvt--C--53--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 (see footnote)--died 1894
Kipp, Henry--Pvt--A--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1878--died 1900
Klein, Frederick--Pvt--E--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1898--died 1909
Klein, Louis--Pvt--F--31--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1902
Klein, Phillip--Pvt--E--21--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1906
Klindworth, Joachim--Pvt--E--30--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Klintwort"--died 1912
Knauer, Christopher--Pvt--B--41--Bavaria--Benton Co--pension applic 1890--died 1899 Kansas
Knoop, John--Pvt--A--20--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 "Knop" (5th MSM)--died 1920 Kansas
Koch, Frederick--Pvt--C--38--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1897
Koch, Ludwig Henry--Pvt--B--43--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1891
Koenke, John--Pvt--E--31--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1896
Koester, Christian--Pvt--F--37--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1907 Kansas
Koester, William--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed 1863 (see footnote)
Kracke, Frederick--Pvt--A--16--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed C. C. battle
Kraemer, Frederick--Pvt--F--24--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1919 Sedalia
Kraxberger, Michael--Pvt--C--26--Austria--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1901
Kreissler, Louis--Pvt--B--41--Hesse--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Krensler"--died 1892
Krenzel, Behrend--Pvt--E--42--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Krentzel"--died ca 1908
Krenzel, Frederick--Cpl--B--26--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891 "Kranzel"--died 1911 Kansas
Kroenke, Carsten--Pvt--B--31--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Kroenke"--died 1894
Kroenke, Henry--Pvt--D--38--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Hinrich Kröncke"--died 1895
Kroenke, Herman--Pvt--D--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891 "Kroenke"--died 1922
Kroenke, John--Pvt--B--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1907 "Kroencke"--died 1908 Concordia
Kroeschen, Frederick--Pvt--C--50--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Kroeschen"--died 1893
Kroeschen, Henry--Pvt--C--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1863 (see footnote)
Krupper, Henry--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Kueck, Diedrich--Pvt--F--41--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1894--died 1877
Kueck, John--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1912 Lafayette Co
Kueck, John--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Kueck, John--Pvt--D--47--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Kueck, John Henry--Pvt--D--32--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--to Lafayette Co
Kuhlman, Henry L--Pvt--C--28--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1875
Kullmann, Frederick A--Pvt--D--18--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1893
Kunolt, Louis--Pvt--B--33--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1897
Kurtz, Christian--Pvt--E--44--Prussia--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1870s
Kurtz, Christian--Pvt--F--23--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1921
Kurtz, Frederick W--Pvt--F--34--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1895
Kurtz, John--Pvt--A--41--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--wounded; killed later (see footnote)
Kurtz, William--Pvt--C--28--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1888
Lankenau, Henry--Muscn--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1891
Leidorf, Bernhard--Pvt--B--29--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed C. C. battle
Leischel, William--Pvt--D--35--Saxony--Benton Co--pension 1884--died 1899 Pettis Co
Lemke, Christian--Pvt--C--56--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1876
Lemler, Carl--Pvt--E--24--Nassau--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1866
Lemler, Carl--Pvt--F--44--Nassau--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1885
Lemler, Christian--Pvt--F--41--Nassau--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C. C. battle
Liemer, Harph--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Lins, John--Pvt--E--39--Hanover--Benton Co--minor's pension 1865--killed C. C. battle
Linstrot, John--Pvt--B--47--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1883 Benton Co
Loges, Christian--Pvt--E--35--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1902
Luebbert, Bernhard--Pvt--D--25--Prussia--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1914
Lucke, Frederick--Pvt--F--43--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died ca 1897
Lueck, Gerlach--Pvt--E--40--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1894 Pettis Co
Luetjen, Diedrich--Pvt--D--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1924 Lafayette Co
Luetjen, Diedrich--Pvt--B--16--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1920
Luetjen, Gevert--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1899
Luetjen, Gevert--Cpl--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1897
Luetjen, Henry--Pvt--D--39--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1895
Luetjen, Henry--Pvt--E--27--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1890--died bef 1890
Luetjen, John J--Pvt--C--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1901 "Joseph"--died 1905
Luhrs, John--Pvt--A--31--Hanover--Benton Co--"Shot in right arm"--pension 1881--died 1895
Lumpe, Herman--Pvt--B--40--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1907
Lutgen, Henry--Pvt--C--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1886
Mackey, Aikens--Pvt--B--21--New York--Benton Co--no pension data--murdered Pettis Co 1866
Maertens, Frederick--Pvt--C--38--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Fritz"--died 1895
Maertens, William--Pvt--C--51--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1895
Mahnken, Claus--Pvt--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1886
Mahnken, Diedrich--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--Pettis Co later--pension 1879--died 1930
Mahnken, John--Pvt--D--52--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data (see footnote)--died 1894
Mahnken, John Frederick--Pvt--D--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1918
Mahnken, John Henry--Pvt--B--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1908
Mahnken, Peter--Pvt--D--18--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1915 Twin Falls, Idaho
Mail, John--2Lt--F--49--Germany--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--fate unknown
Maiwald, John--2Lt--E--34--Prussia--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1901
Mangels, John--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Johann W"--died 1906
Martens, Jacob--Pvt--C--18--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--died 1930 Iowa
Martens, Paul--Pvt--E--45--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1876 Lafayette Co
Mathias, Joachim--Pvt--D--47--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1881
McCombs, Hugh--Pvt--B--27--Ireland--Cole Camp--no pension data--died 1884 Morgan Co
McFatrich, George--Pvt--B--21--Missouri--Pettis Co--no pension data--killed C.C. battle
McFatrich, William--Pvt--B--22--Missouri--Pettis Co--pension 1890--died 1917
McHone, Patrick--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Mehrtens, Jacob--Pvt--B--46--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1888
Meier, Christian--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Mein, Henry--Pvt--E--37--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1867
Meisburger, John--Pvt--F--26--France--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1903--died 1903 Boonville
Merkes, Jacob--Pvt--F--33--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1915 Saline Co
Merkes, Mathias--Pvt--F--33--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1893 Oklahoma
Mertgen, Conrad--Pvt--F--46--Rheinland--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--died 1899
Metscher, Henry--Pvt--D--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Metcher"--died 1920
Meuschke, David--Pvt--B--36--Saxony--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1903
Meuschke, John--1Sgt--F--39--Saxony--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1883--died 1904
Meyer, Cord--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1900
Meyer, Cord--Pvt--F--28--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--killed C.C. battle
Meyer, Henry--Pvt--B--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1911
Meyer, Henry--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1913
Meyer, Henry--Pvt--B--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Meyer, Herman H--Pvt--D--30--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1887
Meyer, John--Cpl--E--51--Hanover--Benton Co--"Wounded, disabled"--no pension data--died 1890
Meyer, John--Pvt--D--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Meyer, John--Pvt--E--25--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Meyer, John A--Pvt--D--25--Hanover--Benton Co--minor's pension 1867 "Meier" (8th MSM)--k 1863
Meyer, John H--Pvt--B--19--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--fate unknown
Meyer, Jost--Pvt--E--38--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1904
Meyer, Louis--Pvt--A--56--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1874
Meyer, Thees--Pvt--B--28--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1873
Miesner, Hein--Pvt--B--43--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890 "Heine"--died 1889
Miesner, Henry--Pvt--D--18--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1904
Mitchell, Harrison--Pvt--B--17--Indiana--Benton Co--pension 1891--died ca 1922
Mitchell, Henry L--LtQM--41--Ohio--Benton Co--pension 1889--died 1890
Mitchell, Porter--Pvt--B--18--Indiana--Benton Co--pension 1889--died ca 1906 Colorado
Modenbach, John Christian--Pvt--F--49--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--died 1900
Momberg, Louis--Pvt--F--46--Hesse--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1900 Kansas City
Monsees, Claus--Cpl--D--50--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1877
Monsees, Gevert--Sgt--C--27--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1900
Monsees, Henry--Pvt--D--17--At Sea--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1904
Monsees, Henry--Pvt--C--49--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1876
Monsees, Henry Jr--Pvt--C--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1892--fate unknown
Monsees, Herman--Pvt--B--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1919
Monsees, John--Pvt--E--18--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Monsees, Martin--Pvt--C--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension application 1892, denied--died 1906
Mueller, Claus--Pvt--D--42--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension file--killed Aug 1861
Mueller, Cord--Pvt--C--46--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1888 Smithton
Mueller, Cord--Pvt--E--19--Benton Co--Benton Co--"shot in leg"--pension 1866--died 1919
Mueller, Diedrich--Pvt--D--35--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863
Mueller, Diedrich--Pvt--E--22--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1896--died 1915
Mueller, Diedrich--Pvt--A--19--Morgan Co--no pension data--in Illinois 1868
Mueller, Diedrich--Pvt--A--18--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1893--d 1926 Oregon
Mueller, Gerd--Pvt--D--37--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1887
Mueller, Henry--Pvt--B--16--Benton Co--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Mueller, John--Pvt--D--44--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1904 Crawford Co, Kansas
Mueller, John Henry--Cpt--E--46--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1860s--died 1902
Mueller, John Henry--Pvt--A--20--Benton Co--Benton Co--no pension data--d 1862 5th MSM
Mueller, Louis--Pvt--A--26--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1903
Mueller, Louis--Pvt--F--20--unknown--Benton Co--no pension data--d 1864 Georgia, 12th Mo Inf
Mueller, Martin--Pvt--B--20--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--to Kansas
Mueller, Peter--1Sgt--E--51--Hanover--Benton Co--"Wounded"--no pension data--died 1886
Mueller, Peter--Pvt--A--16--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1914 Sedalia
Munsterman, August--Pvt--C--33--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1877
Munsterman, Frederick--Pvt--C--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1916
Nass, Albert--Pvt--B--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Neitzert, Frederick--Pvt--F--41--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1896
Neumeyer, Peter--Pvt--C--35--Austria--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1891 (see footnote)--died 1884
Niel, James--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Noack, Carl--Pvt--E--36--Morgan Co--Hanover--(see footnote)--no pension data--died of wounds 6-27-1861
Nolting, Frederick--Cpt--C--42--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1898
Nolting, Henry--Sgt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1863
Nolte, John Adam--Pvt--E--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891 Illinois--died after 1900
Ochs, John--Cpl--F--36--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1884--died 1905
Oehrke, August--1Lt--C--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1895 (see footnote)--died 1903
Oelrichs, Claus--Pvt--F--44--Hanover--Benton Co--"lost gun"--no pension data--died 1872
Oelrichs, Henry--Pvt--F--32--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1879
Ohrenberg, Adolph--Pvt--C--23--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1914 Lafayette Co
Ortel, Ferdinand--unknown--no pension data--listed by Feldman as wounded in C. C. battle
Otten, Claus H--Pvt--F--27--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1869 (7th MSM)--died 1928 Kansas City
Otten, Diedrich--Pvt--C--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1911
Otten, Henry--Pvt--A--45--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed? (see footnote)
Otten, Henry--Pvt--C--41--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1906
Otten, John Diedrich--Pvt--F--30--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died ca 1890
Overman, Frederick--Pvt--C--unknown; not found census--(see pension footnote)--fate unknown


Kipp, Frederick: Pension lists Frederick as "alias" and correct name as "Heinrich F. W."
Koester, William: According to family legend, killed August 1863 by bushwhackers.
Konstedt: Maybe wrong man; listed as "Kufed" on state record and "Kussel" federal record.
Kraxberger, Michael: Pension index lists he and widow, but no image of file card to obtain dates.
Kroeschen, Henry: Believed to have been killed by bushwhackers in February 1863; son of Frederick.
Kuhlman, Frederick L: Pension index lists he and widow, but no image of file card to obtain dates.
Kurtz, John: "Wounded 6-19-61, killed at Oakburg." Location of Oakburg is unknown.
Lemler, Carl: "Wounded, disabled." Death record cites "lung disease and shot wound."
Luebbert, Bernhard: Pension 1891 as "Bernard Lüpper," alias "Bernhard Züpperman."
Mahnken, Claus: Not on the roster, but listed by John F. Feldman as wounded in the battle.
Filed disability pension application 1866 listing "Citizen Gds, Mo Vols - Mahnken's Co," denied.
His widow Anna (Ficken) Mahnken applied in 1890 (indexed as "Mahulein"), also denied.
Mahnken, John: "Disability discharge 7-19-61" (Did not serve 90 days required for pension)
Mathias, Joachim: "Disability discharge 7-21-61" so did no serve minimum 90 days for pension.
Mail, John: "Lost gun valued $14."
Maiwald, John: Pension index lists he and widow, but no image of file card to obtain dates.
Martens, Jacob: Not on rosters; filed pension applic 1905 "Brasses Co, Mo Mil (misd)," denied.
Mehrtens, Jacob: Widow's pension 1890, "alias Mehrstein."
Mertgen, Conrad: Not on roster but applied for pension 1892, apparently denied.
Meuschke, John: "Lost gun valued at $14"
Meyer, Cord (28): Widow applied for pension 1864 but spelled name "Meier" and apparently denied.
Meyer, John H: Pension application 1912 Co C, 5th MSM; on roster but apparently denied.
Meyer, Jost: Not on rosters, but listed 1890 Vets Census.
Modenbach, John Christian: Listed 1890 Union Veterans Census, but not on HGs roster; application denied.
Mueller, Claus: "Killed at Lookout Station 8-20-61." (See Michael Hirschvogel's footnotes, F-J page)
Mueller, Diedrich (18): "Wounded"--pension file 1890s: "Shot in left thigh"--to Colorado then Oregon.
Mueller, John Henry: "Wounded, lost dbl bbl gun & blanket-$15"--Pension file: "Shot in rt shoulder."
Mueller, Peter (16): Enlisted 30th Mo 1862 St Louis, lost arm 1863, discharged disability 1864.
Neumeyer, Peter: Surname "Naman" on rosters, and this listed as "alias" on pension application.
Noack, Carl: "Wounded 6-19-61, died 7-1-61" but church record lists date died as June 27th.
Oehrke, August: Pension application lists August as "alias" and correct name as Henry C. A. Oehrke.
Otten, Henry (45): Listed as killed in C.Camp battle in 1913 Feldman account.
Otten, John D: Pension applic 1877 listed "Deidrick Otten" as alias, denied. Widow's pension 1890.
Overman, Frederick: Not found census; pension application 1890 listed "unk Mo Vols," denied.

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