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Civil War, Benton County Mo Home Guards Roster

Roster of Benton County Missouri Home Guards Infantry       
(German Regiment, Missouri Volunteers)       

13 June 1861 - 13 September 1861       

F - J      

Name---Rank---Company---Age---Birthplace---Residence---Roster Notes---Pension Data---Death Date

    ("died ca" indicates year widow's pension application was filed, and may be later than actual date)

Feldman, Gerd--Pvt--B--17--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891 "George"--died 1915 Kansas
Feldman, Henry--Cpl--E--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1879 (8th MSM)--died 1893
Feldman, Herman--Cpt--B--30--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--fate unknown
Feldman, John--Pvt--B--22--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1880 (40th Mo Inf)--died 1900 Kansas
Feldman, John Frederick--1Lt--B--29--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1872 (8th MSM)--died 1904
Ficken, Claus--Pvt--E--18--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 (see footnote)--died 1915
Ficken, George--Pvt--F--36--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1908 Ness Co, Kansas
Ficken, John Henry Jr--Pvt--D--23--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1861 (see footnote)
Ficken, John Peter--Cpl--B--21--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1904 (60th EMM)--died 1918
Ficken, Peter--Pvt--A--47--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890 (see footnote)--died 1879
Ficken, Peter--Pvt--A--25--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1893
Finkeldei, William--Pvt--A--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--killed 1863 Vicksburg, 12th Mo Inf
Fischer, Frederick--Pvt--E--19--Wurtemberg--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Fischer, Frederick--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1911
Fischer, Frederick A C--Pvt--C--47--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension application 1890--died 1892
Fischer, Frederick C--2Lt--E--45--Wurtemberg--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1875
Fischer, Henry--Pvt--C--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1907
Fischer, John H--1Lt--F--33--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1904 Sedalia
Freimuth, George--Cpl--B--37--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died after 1900 Kansas
Freund, Daniel--Pvt--D--25--Alsace--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1911 Oklahoma
Friedrichs, Frederick--Cpl--C--41--Waldeck--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Frederichs"--died 1902
Fuehring, John Henry--Pvt--C--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1912
Gaede, Henry--Pvt--F--24--Germany--Pettis Co--"Lost single-bbl gun"--no pension data--fate unknown
Gaertner, John Carl--Sgt--F--29--Nassau--Benton Co--pension 1889 "Charles Gartner"--died 1903
Garrison, Christopher L--Pvt--B--15--Illinois--Benton Co--minor's pension 1890--died 1890
Gattermeyer, Mathias--Pvt--C--38--Austria--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1899
Gehlken, John Henry--Pvt--A--21--Morgan Co--pension 1891 (see footnote)--died 1920
Gerken, Cord--Pvt--E--27--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1921
Gerken, Diedrich--Pvt--A--26--Morgan Co--no pension data--killed in C. C. battle, single
Gerken, Gerd--Pvt--A--18--Morgan Co--"wounded"--pension 1890 "George"--died 1918 Saline Co, Mo
Gerken, John--Pvt--E--33--Benton Co--widow's pension 1870 Miami Co, Kansas--died 1865
Gerken, John Christian--Cpl--A--35--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1871--fate unknown
Gerken, John Sr--Pvt--F--31--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1894--died 1907
Gerlt, Christoph F--Pvt--E--49--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1888
Gerlt, John--Pvt--A--19--Benton Co--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1919
Gersting, Frederick--Pvt--C--55--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1867
Gestman, Barthol--Pvt--E--52--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1865
Gieschen, Cord--Pvt--E--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1914
Gieschen, Herman--Pvt--E--25--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1894--died 1881
Gizles, John--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census and no pension application
Glaesner, Henry--Pvt--C--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1910 Illinois
Goehrs, Henry--Pvt--A--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--(aka Gehrs)--no pension data--died 1919
Goetze, Frederick--Cpl--F--21--Benton Co--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1911
Goetze, George L--Pvt--A--14--Pettis Co--Benton Co--pension 1929--died 1935
Goetze, John--Pvt--F--48--Hesse--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1865
Goodman, John F--Pvt--F--35--Missouri--Morgan Co--pension 1888--died 1906
Goosen, Claus--Pvt--D--38--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1903
Grabau, Frederick--Pvt--A--21--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891 (5th MSM)--died 1914
Granneman, Louis--Pvt--F--39--Prussia--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1890--died 1895
Grimm, Martin--Pvt--D--33--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1869 (8th MSM)--died 1891
Gross, Philip--Pvt--F--33--Nassau--Morgan Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--died 1868
Grother, Henry--Cpt--D--49--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1887 Miami Co, Kansas
Grother, Henry--Pvt--D--49--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1891--died 1889 Arkansas
Grother, Henry--Pvt--D--33--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--Lafayette Co, Mo 1870
Grother, Henry--Pvt--D--24--Hanover--Benton Co--died 1903 Fayetteville, Arkansas
Grother, Henry--Pvt--D--21--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Grother, Louis--Pvt--D--47--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1893--died 1883 Saline Co
Grupe, Conrad--Pvt--A--53--Hanover--Morgan Co--"prisoner"--no pension data--died 1883
Grupe, Conrad--Pvt--C--20--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1924
Haase, Claus--2Lt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died after 1880 Callaway Co, Mo
Haase, Herman--Pvt--C--40--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Haase, Herman--Pvt--C--17--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891 (5th MSM)--Kansas City 1910
Haase, Peter--Cpl--A--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--Clinton Co, Mo 1900
Hagedorn, Frederick--Pvt--C--43--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1902
Hahn, Daniel--Pvt--F--42--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--Kansas by 1870
Hansen, Peter--Pvt--F--41--Denmark--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1898
Harms, Fitzer--Pvt--E--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Harms, Henry--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--died 1882
Harms, Henry--Pvt--E--39--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1891
Harms, Henry C--Pvt--E--23--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1916
Harms, Herman--Pvt--E--36--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1868
Harms, Herman--Pvt--F--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--fate unknown
Harms, John--Pvt--F--30--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1899
Harms, John--Pvt--F--26--Hanover--unknown--pension 1891--died 1907 Concordia, Mo
Harms, John--Pvt--B--26--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Harms, John--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--died 1917 Pope Co, Arkansas
Harms, Peter--Pvt--E--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1897--died 1914
Harms, Peter--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1909
Hartfeld, Peter--Cpl--F--38--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Hartman, Henry--Pvt--C--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1892--died 1912 Saline Co
Hartman, William--1Lt--A--30--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--widow's pension 1890--d bef 1890
Hashagen, Henry--Pvt--D--43--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1883 (8th MSM)--died 1901
Hebel, Phillip--Pvt--F--Germany--Morgan Co--(see footnote widow's page)--died before 1864
Heerman, Herman Henry--Pvt--A--43--Prussia--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1880
Heimsoth, Frederick--Pvt--F--27--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890 "Heimsath"--died 1889
Heimsoth, Henry--Pvt--E--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1900
Heimsoth, Herman D--Pvt--F--32--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1896 Nebraska
Heimsoth, Herman H--Pvt--F--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1902
Heismeyer, Frederick--Sgt--A--unknown; not found census and no pension application (see footnote)
Heisterberg, Conrad--Pvt--D--33--Hesse--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1865
Heisterberg, Henry Herman--Pvt--E--30--Hesse--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1899
Heisterberg, John Otto--Pvt--E--26--Hesse--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died Feb 1890 Sedalia
Heisterberg, William C--Pvt--B--17--Hesse--Benton Co--pension 1894--died 1908 Westcliffe, Colorado
Helmig, Stephen H--Pvt--C--47--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--died 1889
Henderson, Thomas--Pvt--C--41--New York--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1865 (12th Mo Cav)--died 1860s
Henning, Henry--Sgt--D--59--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863
Herig, August--Pvt--A--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Herrlein, Christian--Pvt--F--42--Germany--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1865 "Harnlein"--died 1860's
Hesse, Henry--Pvt--A--40--Brunswick--Morgan Co--pension 1889--fate unknown
Hesse, Henry--Musician--D--33--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--died 1926
Hesse, Herman--Pvt--E--18--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1879 (5th MSM)--died ca 1900
Hesse, John--Pvt--B--16--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1889 Kansas
Heuermann, William--Pvt--B--24--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1926 Sedalia
Hink, Claus--Pvt--B--21--Benton Co--no pension data--killed C. C. battle
Hink, John Henry--Pvt--D--27--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1906 Joplin Mo
Hink, Wilken--Pvt--D--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1891
Hinken, George--Pvt--C--34--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1921
Hinken, Henry--Pvt--C--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1918
Hinken, Louis--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1904
Hinken, Peter--Pvt--C--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1892--died 1914
Hirschvogel, Michael Jr--Pvt--C--27--Austria--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--killed Aug 1861
Hoehns, Claus H--Pvt--B--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1897 Benton Co
Hoehns, Herman--Pvt--F--23--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 (41st Inf)--died 1902
Holloway, John--Pvt--B--19--Kentucky--Benton Co--(see footnote, pension)--died 1920
Holsten, Diedrich--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1879--died ca 1917 California
Holsten, John H--Pvt--F--34--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1890--fate unknown
Holsten, John Peter--Pvt--A--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1881--died 1916
Holsten, Peter--Pvt--C--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1897--died 1923 Benton Co
Holterman, Herman--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1870--died 1896 Benton Co
Holtzen, Cord--Pvt--E--32--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1897
Holtzen, Cord--Pvt--E--33--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1907 Nebraska
Holtzen, Henry--Pvt--C--18--Benton Co--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1904
Holtzen, Peter--Pvt--E--22--Benton Co--Benton Co--"wounded"--pension 1899--died 1914
Holtzen, Peter H--Pvt--E--24--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1926
Hoscheid, Adolph--Pvt--F--43--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--Bureau Co, Illinois 1880
Hucker, Henry--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1880 (12th Ks Inf)--died 1906 Oregon
Hucker, Jacob--Pvt--E--19--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863 Memphis, Tenn
Hucker, John--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Hummel, John--Cpl--F--31--Saxony--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1894
Hunt, William--Pvt--F--40--Kentucky--Morgan Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--fate unknown
Imbusch, John Henry--Pvt--D--45--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1875
Imbusch, Lütje--Pvt--D--43--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Luttye"--died after 1900
Imhauser, August--unknown--18--Prussia--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--fate unknown
Imhauser, Henry--2Lt--F--48--Prussia--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1875
Jacobs, Henry--Pvt--E--46--Brunswick--Benton Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C. C. battle
Jagels, Diedrich--Pvt--F--30--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1924
Jagels, Henry--Pvt--E--46--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1897
Jagels, Henry--Pvt--E--16--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1905--died 1924
Jagels, Peter--Pvt--A--14--Benton Co--Benton Co--"Wounded"--no pension data--died 1933
Jaekel, August--Pvt--B--22--Prussia--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1926
Johannes, Erhardt--Pvt--B--36--Bavaria--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1905 Bates Co, Mo
Johannes, Frederick--Pvt--B--19--Bavaria--Benton Co--pension 1892--d 1913 Devon, Kansas
Johannes, John George--Pvt--A--32--Bavaria--Benton Co--"Wounded"--pension 1877--d 1918 Ransom, Ks
Johannes, Leonhard--Pvt--A--24--Bavaria--Benton Co--pension 1897--died 1907 Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Johannes, Nicholas--Pvt--A--25--Bavaria--Benton Co--pension 1904--died 1924 Nevada, Mo
Jones, James--Pvt--F--51--Kentucky--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1901
Jones, William T--Pvt--F--32--Kentucky--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1891 Saline Co, Mo
Jost, Ferdinand--Pvt--F--26--Rhineland--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--pension 1891 "Yost"--died 1918
Jost, John Adam--Pvt--F--32--Rhineland--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Jost, John Anton--Pvt--A--21--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1880 (5th MSM "Yost")--died 1924
Juet, John--Pvt--F--unknown; not found census, no pension application
Junge, John--Pvt--B--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1906
Junge, John Henry--Pvt--D--36--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1915


Feldman, Herman: Applied for pension 1895 (40th Mo Inf); no certificate so apparently denied.
Ficken, Claus: Also served in 118th Illinois Inf, discharged Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1865.
Ficken, John Henry Jr: Died 30 Sept 1861 (church record), apparently not related to military service.
Ficken, Peter (47): Documents in widow's pension file confirm he was not related to Peter age 25.
After the 1890 filing, affidavits were requested by the Pension Board attesting to death of first wife
in 1852, and to confirm which Peter Ficken her late husband was. Pension was finally granted 1896.
Ficken, Peter (25): Filed pension application in 1892, but died before approval by the pension board.
His claim cited "Arm injured when I fell with my rifle in the dark, running for fear of bushwhackers."
Fischer, John H: "Elected Captain after Capt Bruch's (Bruehl) death." Listed in error as John M.
Gehlken, John H: Pension application lists "Henry Gerken" as an alias, and so-listed on rosters.
Glaesner, Henry: Filed pension 1890 from Illinois as "Henry Glasner" (12th Missouri Infantry).
Granneman, Louis: "Lost rifle valued at $14."
Harms, Henry (d.1882): A minor's pension application was filed 1883 (5th MSM), apparently denied.
Hartman, William: "Commanded Company A in place of elected Capt Cook (see Cook's footnotes)."
Heimsoth, Herman D: Not on rosters; submitted pension application 1892, apparently denied.
Heismeyer, Frederick: Possibly August Heismeyer 28 of Florence; died 1875 Smithton.
Helmig, Stephen H: Widow submitted pension application 1891, but no certificate; probably denied.
Hesse, Henry: Biography states was wounded in Battle of Cole Camp.
Hirschvogel, Michael: "Killed at Lookout Station 8-20-61, single." Lookout Station was a Pacific R.R.
stop in western Cole County, now Centertown. The action involved an attack on a train transporting
Union troops from California, Mo. to Jefferson City, with some men riding on top of the loaded cars.
Also killed in the attack was Pvt Claus Müller of Benton County Company D, who left a large family.
Holloway, John: "Disabled by gunshot upper arm"; application not found but listed 1883 pension roster.
Holsten, John H: "Lost gun valued at $8."
Holtzen, Cord (d.1897): Listed 1890 Union Vets Census; "Shot in left thigh"
Holtzen, Cord (d.1907): Not on rosters, but listed 1890 Union Vets Census.
Holtzen, Peter H: Not on rosters, but listed 1890 Union Vets Census.
Imbusch, John Henry: "Disability discharge 8-16-61." Widow's pension application as "Imbush" 1890.
Imhauser, August: Not on rosters, but included in 1913 list of living veterans of Cole Camp battle.
Imhauser, Henry: "Wounded 6-19-61, lost revolver and sword, elected Colonel 7-21-61 and given
command of the Regiment." His signature appears on the discharge certificates issued 1864-1865.
Jost, Ferdinand: "Lost trumpet valued $3.50."

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