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Civil War, Benton County Mo Home Guards Roster
Roster of Benton County Missouri Home Guards Infantry (German Regiment, Missouri Volunteers) 13 June 1861 - 13 September 1861 A - E
Name---Rank---Company---Age---Birthplace---Residence---Roster Notes---Pension Data---Death Date ("died ca" indicates year widow's pension application was filed, and may be later than actual date) Ahrens, John--Pvt--C--29--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1900 Albers, Henry--Pvt--C--37--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1893 Smithton Aldag, Cord--1Lt--D--46--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died ca 1872 Aldag, Henry--1Sgt--D--53--Hanover--Benton Co--"wounded"--no pension data--died 1889 Sedalia Alpers, John--Pvt--A--43--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension application 1891--died 1902 Bahner, Edward--Pvt--F--26--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1904--died 1909 Bahrenburg, Frederick--Pvt--A--18--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1893--died 1928 Bahrenburg, John--Pvt--E--21--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1899--died 1914 Bahrenburg, John F--1Lt--E--49--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1896 Bahrenburg, Martin--Cpl--A--17--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1883--died 1935 Warrensburg Balke, Henry--Sgt--E--60--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1885 Balke, Henry D--Pvt--A--33--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1907 Balke, Henry P--Pvt--A--33--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1902 Balke, Herman--Pvt--A--17--Benton Co--Benton Co--pension 1906--died 1917 Balke, Jacob--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--killed C.C. Battle Barcus, Charles E--Pvt--B--24--Indiana--Benton Co-- widow's pension--died 1892 Barteman, Mathias--Pvt--B--unknown; not found in census and no pension application Bauer, Frederick--Pvt--A--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1879--died 1913 Becker, Claus--Pvt--E--26--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--killed C.C. Battle Beckman, Henry--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1862 Behrens, Frederick--Pvt--E--50--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1883 Behrens, William--Pvt--B--45--Hanover--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died after 1894 Bellmann, Henry--Pvt--E--20--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1892--died 1910 Franklin Co Bellmer, John C--Pvt--F--33--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1892--died 1901 Dunkerton, Iowa Bellmer, John F--Pvt--F--27--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension applic 1891 denied--died Sedalia? Benz, August--2Lt--B--30--Wurtemburg--Benton Co--pension 1890 Kansas--died 1902 Benton Co Bergmann, Christian--Pvt--D--32--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1902 Bergmann, Theodore--Pvt--A--29--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle Berkenbeul, Peter--Pvt--B--44--Prussia--Morgan Co--no pension data--died before 1876 Bethke, John--Sgt--E--40--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1892 Beyer, Daniel--Pvt--F--37--Rhineland--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1900 Benton Co Birch, Cornelius--Pvt--F--29--Missouri--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1871 Syracuse Mo Birch, James--Pvt--F--33--Missouri--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1873 (12th Mo Cav)--died 1864 Birch, Tolbert--Pvt--F--17--Missouri--Morgan Co--pension 1883 (9th MSM)--died 1910 Slater Mo Bischoff, Diedrich--Pvt--B--22--Hanover--Benton Co--(aka Bishop)--no pension data--died 1875 Bischoff, Henry--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--(aka Bishop)--pension 8th MSM--died 1925 Calif Bischoff, John--Pvt--D--25--Hanover--Benton Co--(aka Bishop)--pension 8th MSM--died 1918 Oregon Bland, James--Sgt--B--unknown; not found census and no pension application Blanken, Claus--Pvt--A--19--Hanover--Morgan Co--died 1863 Memphis of typhoid, 12th Mo Inf Blanken, Herman--Pvt--F--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--fate unknown Blanken, John--Pvt--F--41--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed C.C. battle (see footnote) Blassingen, Thomas--Pvt--F--43--Kentucky--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Block, Diedrich--Pvt--C--47--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1893 Kansas Blohm, Henry--Pvt--C--50--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension application 1890, denied--fate unknown Blohm, John--Pvt--A--17--Louisiana--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864 "Blum"--died 1902 Bockelman, Frederick--Cpl--E--34--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1874 Bockelman, Peter--Sgt--E--28--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1873--died 1909 Boerger, Claus--Pvt--D--36--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1883 Boerger, Peter--Pvt--F--35--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1878 Boettjer, Frederick--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1883 Sedalia Mo Boettjer, Henry--Pvt--D--42--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1901 Boettjer, Herman--Pvt--D--32--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1895 Bohling, Diedrich--Pvt--E--47--Hanover--Benton Co--pension application 1891--died 1891 Bohling, Henry--Pvt--A--49--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1890 Bohling, John--Pvt--C--32--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1913 Bolte, John--BrevLt--B--23--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Bomer, John--Pvt--B--24--Missouri--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1870 Borchers, Frederick--Pvt--D--35--Hanover--Benton County--pension 1891--died 1906 Borchers, John--Pvt--B--26--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1891 (8th MSM)--died 1901 Borchers, John Henry--Pvt--E--38--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1889 Borchers, Jürgen--Pvt--A--38--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1896 Born, John Frederick--Pvt--F--44--Prussia--Morgan Co--(see note)--died 1893 Bradley, Jonathan--Pvt--B--38--Missouri--Benton Co--pension 1878 (8th MSM)--died 1888 Brandes, Christian--Pvt--A--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--pension 1864--died 1903 Brandow, William--Pvt--F--23--Hesse--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown Brandt, Carl--Cpl--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1904--died 1918 Brandt, Christoph--Unknown--28--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--died Saline Co 1916 Brandt, Claus--Sgt--B--55--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1872 Brandt, Henry--Pvt--B--20--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--Lafayette Co 1880 Brandt, Jacob--Pvt--C--28--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1891--died 1891 Brandt, John--Pvt--E--33--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1871 Brase, Christopher H--1Sgt--C--26--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1908 Illinois Brase, Claus--Pvt--E--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--"Shot in leg"--pension 1888--died 1911 Brauer, Fred--Pvt--E--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1896 Brauer, Henry--unknown--13--Benton Co--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1923 Brauer, John Henry--Pvt--F--31--Hanover--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1904 Bremer, John--Pvt--E--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1916 Michigan Bremer, John F--Pvt--F--20--Louisana--Morgan Co--pension 1883--fate unknown Brockman, Peter--Pvt--A--37--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1885 Bruehl, Carl--Cpt--F--40--Rhineland--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle Bruehl, Christian--Pvt--F--28--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1904--died 1919 Bruehl, John Gerlach--LtCol--F--58--Rhineland--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1878 Bruenjes, Claus--Pvt--B--46--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown Bruenjes, Diedrich--Pvt--D--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data (see footnote)--died before 1890 Bruenjes, Gevert--Pvt--C--31--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown Bruenjes, Henry--Pvt--D--24--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1924 Bruenjes, John--Pvt--D--27--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1896--died 1907 Brunjes, Henry--Pvt--D--31--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1879--died Pettis Co 1920 Brunkhorst, Diedrich--Pvt--C--unknown; not found census, no pension applicatio--(see footnote) Brunkhorst, John Henry--Pvt--F--22--Missouri--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--died of wounds 6-25-1861 Brunkhorst, John Henry--Cpl--B--24--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1870s Morgan Co? Brunkhorst, John--Cpl--A--19--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1899--died 1927 Buck, Gerd--Pvt--B--44--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 "Gerhard"--died 1892 Bultemeier, Henry--Pvt--C--24--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1890--died 1917 Budde, William--Pvt--E--34--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1891--died aft 1900 Burns, M.D.L.--Pvt--F--28--Ohio--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Burns, Simon W--Pvt--F--22--Ohio--Morgan Co--pension 1890 (45th Mo Inf)--died 1903 Call, Francis--SgtMaj--42--Massachusetts--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Chilcoat, John--Pvt--F--27--Missouri--Morgan Co--"prisoner"--pension 1890--fate unknown Clausen, John--Pvt--B--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1903 Pettis Co Constedt, George Henry--Pvt--B--33--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1895 Cook, Abel H.W.--Cpt--A--41--New York--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--killed Nov 1861 Cordes, Adolph--Pvt--A--45--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1891 Cordes, Arndt--Pvt--D--22--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--killed 1863 Cordes, Barthold H--Pvt--D--17--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1927 Meade Co Kansas Cordes, Claus--Pvt--A--19--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1917 Gilmore City, Iowa Cordes, Gerd--Pvt--A--39--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1890--died 1888 Cordes, Henry--Pvt--C--36--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1871 Cordes, Jacob--Pvt--D--37--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1903 Cordes, John--Pvt--D--29--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1877 Cramer, Jonathan--Pvt--F--36--Ohio--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Cramor"--died 1907 Damm, Henry--ComSgt--48--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1870s Davis, David--Pvt--F--20--Ohio--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Davis, Jonathan--Pvt--F--51--Wales--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Deininger, John G--Pvt--D--41--Wurtemburg--Benton Co--pension applic 1890--died ca 1891 Illinois Detjen, John Frederick--Pvt--E--38--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--killed in C. C. battle Detjen, Peter--Pvt--D--44--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1887 Crawford Co, Kansas Dickerson, James W--Pvt--B--20--Missouri--Benton Co--pension 1890 (6th MSM)--died 1897 Dieckman, Frederick--2LT--A--27--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1891--died 1911 Diedrich, Charles--Pvt--F--41--Wurtemberg--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Dieringer, Louis--2Lt--A--23--Alsace--unknown--pension 1881 (5th MSM)--died 1914 Boonville Dillon, Samuel Jackson--Pvt--B--30--Virginia--Benton Co--pension 1891 (8th MSM)--died 1913 Doescher, John Henry--Pvt--D--58--Hanover--Benton Co--aka Desher--widow's pension 1890--died 1886 Dohrman, John Henry--Pvt--F--46--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--killed C. C. battle Dreier, Diedrich--Pvt--B--27--Hanover--Benton Co-- no pension data--killed Concordia 1864 Duden, Claus--Pvt--E--36--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1891--died 1884 Dueber, Gustav--Pvt--F--23--Rhineland--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1935 Tipton, Mo Ebeling, Henry--Pvt--D--48--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1864 Ebeling, John--Pvt--B--22--Hanover--Benton Co--(see footnote)--pension 1893--died 1922 Ebeling, Nicholas--Pvt--D--20--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890 (5th MSM)--died 1914 Eckhoff, Claus--Pvt--B--17--Hanover--Benton Co--"prisoner 6-19, rel 7-2"--pension 1883--died 1933 Eckhoff, Gerd Henry--Pvt--A--37--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown Eckhoff, Hans Henry--Sgt--D--49--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension application 1890--died 1886 Eckhoff, Herman--Pvt--A--28--Hanover--Benton Co--widow's pension 1909--died 1886 Eckhoff, Paul--Pvt--B--21--Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--died 1863 accident, 8th MSM Eckhoff, Peter--Pvt--A--17--Benton Co--Benton Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1902 Eding, Cord--Pvt--D--43--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1897 Ehlers, Anton E--Pvt--A--21--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1914 Ehlers, Claus--Pvt--C--30--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1902 Ehlers, Cord--Pvt--D--34--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1914 Ehlers, Gevert--Pvt--F--35--Hanover--Morgan Co--widow's pension 1890--died before 1890 Ehlers, John--Pvt--C--45--Hanover--Morgan Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1908 Ehrichs, John--Pvt--C--57--Hanover--Morgan Co--no pension data--fate unknown Eichholz, Christian--Pvt--A--19--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension applic 1889 (5th MSM) denied--died 1928 Sedalia Eichholz, Ferdinand--Pvt--F--42--Nassau--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1880 Eickhoff, John J--2Lt--D--41--Hanover--Benton Co--Pension 1890 Kans (8th MSM)--died 1901 Okla Eifert, John--Pvt--F--26--Hesse--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1899 Elsinger, "Captain"--unknown--(see footnote) Elsner, Henry--Musician--A--43--Brunswick--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1877 Saline Co Estes, James--Pvt--B--21--Missouri--Morgan Co--no pension data--died 1905 FOOTNOTES: Albers, Henry: Not on rosters; applied for a pension 1890 but no certificate listed. Bahrenburg, John F: "Rupture of brain causing disability;" 1890 Vets census "Shot in head & left leg." Balke, Jacob: Single in 1860 census, and no record of a marriage or widow found. Becker, Claus: Widow's pension 1864; listed as John in church record and by widow in 1890 Census. Beckman, Henry: Pension granted to mother 1882; see comments on Widows page. Behrens, William: Not on rosters; applied for a pension 1894 but no certificate listed. Beyer, Daniel: Pension 1890 as "Daniel Boyer, alias Byer" and widow's pension 1900 Mary "Boyer." Surname spelled Baier and Bayer in church records, Beyer on rosters, gravestones, and in biography. Birch, Cornelius: Widow's pension 1879 (9th MSM) "Carnilius." Blanken, Herman: "Lost rifle and blanket." Blanken, John: Killed Battle of Cole Camp (church record) but is listed on rosters as "Claus Blanke, killed, left widow, lost gun and blanket valued at $9." Block, Diedrich: "disability discharge 20 July 1861." Blohm, John: "Accidently shot, Jefferson City, 8-2-61, lost a hand." Surname "Blum" on pension. Borchers, John: "Served additional month to guard government train to Lexington." Born, John Frederick: Service listed 1890 Union Veterans Census, but not on roster, and widow's application denied. Brandes, Christian: "wounded 6-19-61." Surname spelled "Brandis" on pension file. Brandt, Christoph: Not on roster, but biog in 1881 Saline Co History states was in Home Guards and Battle of Cole Camp. Brase, Christopher H: Widow's pension 1909; "Heinrich Brase" listed as alias. Brauer, Henry: Listed as among living Cole Camp battle veterans in 1913, and in 1989 Cole Camp book. Brauer, John Henry: Widow's pension 1904 "Henry"; John Henry Brauer on federal service record. Bruehl, John Gerlach: No pension data; name omitted from roster at own request, per statement on file. Brunjes, Diedrich: Widow is listed in 1890 vets census, but apparently did not apply for a pension. Brunkhorst, Diedrich: Not thought to be the Diedrich Brunkhorst then 66, but possibly his son Henry--24-- Hanover--Benton Co--no pension data--fate unknown--using father's name to distinguish from other Henry? Brunkhorst, John Henry: Widow's pension 1864 "Henry.". Budde, William: Listed on rosters as "Kurde" and this shown as an "alias" on pension application. Cook, Abel H W: "Elected Capt of Co A but did not command same." Organizer of the regiment and the original commander, but Henry Imhauser was appointed commander after the Cole Camp battle. An 1863 letter reported that Cook was killed later in Henry County, near Leesville, and the pension application filed by his widow states he was "shot by rebels in Henry County, 7 November 1861." Her application was rejected because "he was not in U.S. service at time of death, having been discharged on 13 September 1861." The widow received payment of $361.33 on 1 May 1865 for his June-Sept service. His probate filed 15 Jan 1867 stated he died intestate, and listed an appraisal of property total of $197. Cordes, Arndt: Shot by rebel troops in Cole Camp 1863 (Monsees Church records). Cordes, Henry: Not on rosters, but widow listed him in 1890 veterans census and applied for a pension. No certificate listed, so apparently denied. Dohrman, John Henry: Widow's pension 1864 "Henry" apparently denied; minor's pension granted 1865. Dueber, Gustav: "Disability disch 7-21-61." No certificate listed for 1912 pension application; did not serve the minimum 90 days required. Ebeling, Henry and John: Rosters list only Henry, but John's pension lists HG service and cites Henry as an "alias" so probably only John served. However, Henry and widow died before most pensions were filed, and Henry and John are listed in different HG Companies, so both may have served. Eckhoff, Peter: Not on rosters; applied for pension 1892 and widow Sophia again 1904, both denied. Ehlers, Claus: Not on rosters but listed in 1890 veterans census, no pension application found. Ehlers, John: "Disability disch 7-20-61" - Pension apparently denied; did not serve minimum 90 days. Elsinger, Captain: Cited in C. C. battle accounts but not on rosters or other records; possibly Henry Elsner, Musician.
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