Benton County Missouri 1850 Census  
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The enumerator must have had a communication problem with the German families of the Cole Camp area and listed them as they sounded. Poor handwriting also made them difficult to transcibe. Fortunately the correct spellings of many of these names are known and are listed below. Information provided by Homer R. Ficken descendant of the Peter Ficken family, census page 275b PAGE# LISTED ACTUAL ======================================= 275a Myers Meyer 275b Bakemon Beckman 275b Hasterberg Heisterberg 277a,b Bishop Bischoff 277b Crisdale Kreisel 277b Stelleys Stelljes 304b Hollcin Holtzen 304b Ulrice Oelrichs 305a Bamb** Bammen 305a Barshin Boeschen 305a Custer Koester 305a Has*s**d* Heimsoth 305a Ephot Eifert 305a Gets Goetz 305a Olrok Ohlroge 305b Winl*** Windler 306a Balkin Balke 306a/7a Grotier Grother 306b/7a Mouken Mahnken 306b Snobble Schnabel 307a Bakeman Brockman 307a Blidese* Bleidesel 307a Cordus Cordes 307a Mouzier Monsees 307a Miers Meier 322a Akoff Eckhoff 322a Ha**s Harms 322a Hasterbear Heisterberg 322b Bokl*** Bockelman 322b Bombaugh Grabau 322b Gosman Gestman 322b Yangers Jagels 322b Groman Gruben 322b/3a Miller Mueller 323a *i*tba*k Viebrock 323a Feltman Feldmann 323a Garken Gerken 324a Gerkin Gerken 324a Myers Meyer 324a Martins Martens 325a,b Balken Balke 325a Bruners Bruenjes 325a Elerling Ebeling 325a Miller Mueller 325b Holson Holtzen 325b Mouken Mahnken 325b Myers Meyer 325b Schnockenberg Schnackenberg Families enumerated twice: The Claus and John "Mouken" (Mahnken) families on pages 306b and 307a of Williams Township are the same as the Claus and John on pages 324a and 325b of White Township. Their farms were in Williams Township, but near the dividing line. The ages listed in White Township are the closest; those in Williams appear to have been estimates.