Allison Family History
Allison Family History
This is information submitted by an Allison Family descendant. If you have any information to add, please contact me. Hugh Allison was born in 1801 in Guilford County, North Carolina, the son of John and Mary (Shaw) Allison. He was married in 1827 to Rebecca Howard Denton, born in 1808 in Virginia, daughter of Benjamin and Peggy (Anderson) Denton. The John Allison families migrated to Warren County, Tennessee. Hugh, Rebecca and family moved on the Arkansas, ca 1836, then to St. Clair County, Missouri, in 1844, settling in Osage twp. Sect. 21. Hugh died there in 1871 and Rebecca in 1880. Both are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery near their old home. They were the parents of 11 children: 1. Mary Margaret, b. 1827, d. 1885, m. (1) 1843 to Abraham Hembre, one child, Sarah; m. (2) 1846 to James Monroe Hoover. Mary and James are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery. Their children: Hester Ann (Perrine), Margaret Jane, John Allison McBride, Mary Josephine (Carroll), James Madison, Rebecca Denton (Winchester), William Smith, Alice Mariah, Alexander Sherman, Eliza “Doll” (Freeman), and Lillie Bersheba (Carroll). St. Clair descendants are: Irene Grayer and Dorothy Deller of Appleton City; and Norma Nolin and Sharon Sterling of Rockville. 2. John Anderson (family follows) 3. Martha Joanna, b. 1831, d. 1849, buried in Monegaw Springs Cemetery. 4. Lucinda Jane, b. 1833, d. 1877 to 1879, m. 1858 to John Richard Bennett. John had two small daughters, Mary (Ford), and Clara (Bean), whom Lucinda raised as her own. Lucinda and John are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery. They were the parents of (?) 5 children: Margaret Denton (Young, Morton), Mariah Eliza (Butler), Lucinda Anna (Lasater), John Allison, and Rebecca Hugh. Area descendants: Ruth Tucker and LeRoy Russell of Lowry City. 5. Isabella Ann King, b. 1835, d. 1884, (See Allinson family) 6. James William, b. 1837, came home from the Civil War very sick, d. ca 1861/2. He is buried in Monegaw Springs Cemetery. He had land adjoining his parents. 7. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1841, d. 1848. She is buried in Monegaw Springs Cemetery. 8. Hugh Benjamin, b. 1843, d. before 1850. He is buried in Monegaw Springs Cemetery. 9. Virginia Caroline, b. 1844, d. ca 1863. She is buried in Monegaw Springs Cemetery. 10. Lucinda Ledbetter “Lucy”, b. 1847, d. 1920, m. 1865 to John Johnson. Lucy and John divorced in the early 1900’s. Lucy, along with all the children, moved to Denver Colorado. She is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery at Denver. Their children: James William “Bud”, Artie King, John, Mary, George, Ida, Rosey, Sarah, Ellen, and (?). 11. Eliza Hugh, b. 1850, d. 1913, m. ca 1870 to William Riley Smith. In May, 1880, Riley shot and killed Dave Tripplet. He and three other men were taken from the Osceola jail at night by vigilantes, shot and hanged. Eliza’s mind was very fragile, and when, a couple of years after this incident, her young son was shot in the head by a shotgun, her mind completely snapped. She was taken to Fulton State Hospital. She is buried in a pauper’s grave there. Riley is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. They were the parents of three children: Emma Lelia (Baldwin), Eddie and William Bertiel, who both died young. John Anderson Allison, second child of Hugh and Rebecca Allison, was born in 1829 in Warren County, Tennessee. He came to St. Clair County in 1844, where he met Nancy Jane Allinson, born in 1836 in Virginia. She came with her parents, Robert and Sarah, to St. Clair County in 1838. She had been stolen as a baby and hidden in the woods by a fallen tree. John and Nancy were married in 1853 and settled in Osage township, where they farmed and raised sheep and flax for making their family’s clothes. Nancy also kept and tended several bee hives. John joined Home Guards during the Civil War. They were charter members of Mt. Zion Methodist Church and helped build the church building. John died in 1897 and Nancy died in 1923, both are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. They were the parents of 15 children, 6 of whom died as infants or young children. The following nine children grew to adulthood in St. Clair County: 1. Robert Wilson, b. 1854, d. 1939, m. 1878 to Margaret A. Thompson, daughter of Martin and Elizabeth Thompson. Settled in Osage twp. And built a beautiful country home where their great- granddaughter now resides. Both were members of Mt. Zion Church and are buried there. Their five children: Arthur, Estella (m. Ivan Lewis), Lelia (m. Roy Robinson), Mabel (m. Russell Jones), and Birdie (m. Dean Gabriel). Area descendant is Nancy Jones, of rural Rockville. 2. James Hugh, b. 1857, d. 1944, m. 1882 to Rebecca E. McDonald, daughter of Jarred and Mary McDonald. They lived in the Mt. Zion community before retiring to Appleton City, where they are buried. Their children: Ora and Lena died in infancy, Roy, Addis, and Edith (m. Johnnie Griggs). Area descendants are Myrtle Fick and Dawna Hunter, of Appleton City. 3. Nancy Jane (see Joel Underwood) 4. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1861, d. 1955, m. 1883 to William Scarf Rosbrugh, son of Thomas and Rachel Rosbrugh. They were members of Mt. Zion Church and are buried in Appleton City. There children: John Anderson, William Scarf, Alma Elizabeth (m. Irl Barnett), and Sabra Dell (m. Willard Richeson). Sabra is still living and quite active at 103. Other descendants in the area: Lois Van Winkle of Lowry City; Elvin Rosbrugh and Larry Shepard of Rockville; Lonnie Shepard, Clarence and Margaret Barnett of Appleton City. 5. George Anderson (family follows) 6. Ollie Roseberra, b. 1868, d. 1941, m. 1888 to Joseph E. McDonald, son of Jarred and Mary McDonald. They lived in Stafford, Kansas. They are buried in Eden Valley Cemetery. Their children: Ethel (m. Ernest Carr), Leslie, John, Alma, Elva (m. Leander Hardesty), Edward, Nellie (m. Lloyd Brenn), Goldie, Thalma (m. Ellis Boyd), Fem, Walter, and Maurice. 7. Mary Howard, b. 1871, d. 1929, m. 1894 to William T. Ridgway, son of Charles and Mary Ridgway. They were members of Mt. Zion Church and are buried in Appleton City. They had two daughters, Sylvia (m. Frank Hough) and Dorothea. 8. Nathan Ervin, b. 1873, d. 1957, m. 1894 to Nora L Bass, daughter of William and Julia Bass. They farmed near Taberville and are buried there. Their children were: Alma (m. Alonzo Jones), Goldie (m. Clinton Allinson), Blanche (m. Ray T. Evans), Julia Fay (m. Earl Boch, then Thomas Payne), Nathan Everett, Naomi Ruth (m. Philip Betler), and Vincent. Area descendants: Blanche Evans of Osceola; Henry Allinson, Travis Cook, and Angie Storie of Taberville; and Rick Bourland of Appleton City. 9. Nellie Mae, b. 1879, d. 1965, m. 1899 to Marion S. Ridgway, son of Charles and Mary Ridgway. They farmed the old Allison homeplace until moving to California in 1935, to be near their children. They were members of the Mt. Zion Church and are buried in Modesto, California. Their children: Charles, Ernest, Ferne (m. William R. Bishop), and Basel.
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